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Using today’s popular technology, LED strip, Dennis Parren created a unique and colorful lamp that was inspired by colorful jellyfish. He tried to use the LED strip differently, which usually placed hidden from sight, by showing the LED strip instead. The result is this unique lamp with colorful tentacles that will make your room looks […]

Displaying your toilet papers is a little bit weird, and it is not a great thing to look at. So most of people just hide it in a cabinet or just put it on a shelf. But with this toilet paper holder, designed Bertrand Jayr and Lyon B├ęton, you can display the toilet papers in […]

This minimalist was chair designed by Henry&Co using a wonderful material that is made from hay bales and grass. The use of these these materials connects between man and earth. Farmers usually use hay bales for a resting place while grass offers a cozy space to sit on warp spring days. Both of them combined […]

This super unusual bar was designed by david/nicolas. The design is inspired by something unusual in furniture design, a gymnastic beam! The result is quite quirky but interesting. You can stand beside it or just jump on the beam and hanging out with your friends. And if you don’t have any topic to talk about, […]

Designed by Kaptura de Aer, this chair has a minimalist design in flowing form. It consist of two pieces of bent plywood and connected by sturdy bracket, creating a stylish piece of chair that will be great in your contemporary interior. Description by Kaptura de Aer: Counterpoise is a plywood chair comprising two parts with […]

This is a smart way to transform a waste into something useful, make it into a furniture. Designed by alcarol, this furniture collection is made from scrap wooden planks that were used for the base when cutting marble. The cutting processes left unique checkerboard texture and also marble dust and grains that provide color variation […]

Designed by Artori Design, this shelf has a cool design that makes it looks like a superhero is lifting your books. This self consist of two pieces, the actual metal shelf and a superhero character with magnet. The shelf is hidden inside and behind the books and the superhero character holds the unsupported book cover. […]

I am sorry for the click-bait title, but they are just look like a bird legs for me. This table was designed by Urban Outfitters, a table with unique legs that look like huge bird legs. With this unusual bird legs, that is made from aluminum and iron materials, this table looks fresh and artistic. […]

Gobble Chair is an eco-friendly chair that is safe for your children. It was designed by Form Maker to create educational furnitures that uses non-toxic innovative material. The use of recyclable and non-toxic materials teaches your children to save our planet and frees you from worrying too much about your children. It is made from […]

Designed by Marta Bordes, this lamp was designed to challenge the traditional use of ceramic and create a technical mechanism with it. The result is this unique ceramic lamp that looks like a satellite dish which can be moved like a real one, thanks to the elastic mechanism that holds the dish. You can change […]