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Unique Wooden Lounge Inspired by Beautiful Petals

Have you ever see a flower and then think how beautiful it is? It consists of petals that make it looks like a crown of nature. Or maybe you just like unique art installation and want more interaction between you and the art. If yes, this lounge is perfect for you. Designed by Kee Baik […]

Minimalist Lounge in Beautiful and Elegant Curved Figure

Marek Hamata has presented a stylish lounge called Brainy. Like the name suggest, Brainy is designed for those intellectuals to work comfortably while relaxing. Brainy is even equipped with arm functioning as minimalist table allowing the user to work with his laptop while lying his shoulder on its curved back. Formed in elegant figure with […]

Fashionable Longue Made of Ultra Slim Carbon Construction

Minimalist, fashionable yet durable are the characteristics first recognized when look at this Marea Lounge created by British designer Jules Sturgess. Although it is made of ultra thin material with only four millimeters thick, this Marea lounge is incredibly sturdy due to the composition of carbon constructing the material. Such thickness is also what makes […]

Modern Outdoor Lounge Chair for Charging Your Electronic Devices

The combination between high technology and art is always awesome. Just like this lounge chair called SOFT Rocker created by Professor Sheila Kennedy. Featuring a 12-ampere hour battery that can capture solar energy during sunlight, this piece of lounge chair can be utilized for charging your electronic devices. This chic lounge chair then allows you […]

white Elegant Lounge with Artistic 8 Symbol on Its Back

Designer <a href=”http://www.natanelgluska.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Natanel Gluska, with his advanced handcraft skill, has created a huge unique lounge called as The Long 8. It needs a master of handcraft technique to craft a lounge which is made of a huge chunk of log. The result is an elegant lounge with unique outline as it has hollow on […]

Surprisingly Sturdy Lounge in Ultra Slim Structure

Designers Zsanett Benedek & Daniel Lakoshave work together creating original furniture called Levity chaise-lounge. The design is so simple and looks fragile as the seat it composed with ultra thin thick birch plywood of 12 mm thick. However, the design is surprisingly sturdy as it is supported with 20 legs of 12 mm birch rods. […]

Comfortable Hanging Lounge with Basket-like Bottom

This is a comfortable hanging lounge designed by Daniel Pouzet for DEDON. This lounge inspired by his earlier creation, the Nestrest, but larger to fits more people. Swingrest has a simple design, focusing in on refining the details of the design, developing its parts such as the suspension system, the rotating CorianĀ® tabletop and the […]

blue Modern Lounge Chair in Comfortable Thin Design

This is a modern lounge chair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud from Poliform. This lounge chair has comfortable and modern design in soft curves and striking thin shape that make it looks light. The seating designed to enveloping the user, give a comfortable and safe seating to the user. It comes in vibrant blue, yellow, white […]

Unique Lounge with Low and High Seat Transformation

This lounge has unique designe where you can choose the perfect height of the seating for you. Designed by Danilo Cvjetkovic, this bench allows you to transform it from the low seat into high one or the opposite. It has a little space between the seats that can be used to store your stuffs like […]

white and black Simple and Modern Lounge Chair Upholstered by Cowhide

This is a simple but modern chair originally designed by Herbert Hirche in 1953 and produced by Richard Lampert in 2000. Richard Lampert modifiy it with a variety of fabrics and cow skins, bring a new and unique look to the chair. The cowhide provide a cozy, soft and warm to the user with quite […]