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Designed by Nicole Hone, Darnar Kruy, James Edwards, Nisha Brunt and Reuben Knauf, this chaise lounge was designed based on human postures in stationery activities like reading, using a cellphone or watching television. You can also rock this lounge like a rocking chair, this promotes an increase in oxygen and good blood flow while you […]

Imagine you are lying outside with someone you love on a hammock. Isn’t it wonderful? But if you don’t have trees or something to support the hammock, how about this rocker lounge by Sveglio? But instead of side to side, it will move front to back like a rocking chair. Volo, which means “I Fly”, […]

Designed by Janne Kyttanen, this lounge is super light. It weighs only 2.5 kilograms or about 5.5 pounds, so light that allow you to move it easily to wherever you want. This lightness can be achieved thanks to the 3D printed lattice structure. This 3D printed lounge then coated in high polish copper and chrome, […]

Cheng-Tsung Feng and Kao-Min Chen have designed this beautiful lounge called Flow. It made of bamboo that arranged to create a flowing water pattern in natural brownish color. It is not only a lounge but also a sculpture which will makes your room looks beautiful.

Chaise Cork is a chaise lounge designed by D’arc.Studio. It composed of 5 Stool Corks and joined to follow spinal column shape. Description from D’arc.Studio: Based on anatomic study of spinal column, Chaise Cork is made of 5 Stool Cork, as vertebra, divisible and available one by one with a 90° simple rotation. Produced in […]

Splinter Works have designed this beautiful lounge chair which can doubled as a sculpture when not used. You need to see this video to see how wonderful this lounge. More from Splinter Works: Born out of a love for curvy silhouettes and illusion, the Bodice Rocker is a unique object that offers a number of […]

This is a comfortable lounge designed by Josh Shiau, made from a single board of ash, a 100 ft. length of uncut cord, and cork trim. Maximum comfort with minimal material The design takes advantage of the respective strengths of rope in tension and wood in compression to create a clean and diagrammatic form. Response […]

Windowseat is a comfortable lounge by Mike & Maaike for Haworth Collection. It has architectural elements of walls and ceiling that provide you a private space for reading or taking a nap without any disturbance. This lounge is suitable for both public and private spaces, creating a room-within-a-room complete with its own unique perspective. As […]

Unique Rocking Lounge in Monocoque Form

This is a unique rocking lounge designed by Bordie Neil for Made in Ratio. It made of a single piece of plywood that curved into a monocoque form. “Underpinned by the ideas of movement and modularity, the individual pieces will each have multiple applications” says Bordie Neil. With its simple and light design, Cowrie Rocker […]

Stylish Lounge and Armchair in Flexible Continuous Structure

This is a modern and stylish seating designed by Michele Franzina and Venezia Homedesign for DesignYouEdit. Aleaf act as a lounge and an armchair at the same time, so you can use it for relaxation or as a temporary workstation. It has stylish shape with seat, back and armrest that are part of the same […]