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This is a unique floor lamp designed by Feltmark. It is a floor lamp, but not a floor lamp. Confusing isn’t it! This “floor lamp” doesn’t have a base, instead you can plug it directly into the wall socket. The plug is adjustable, you can rotate the lamp into horizontal or upside down position. More […]

Designed by Paulin Giret, this unique lamp can be used in many different ways. You can use it as a bedside lamp or work lamp, put it horizontal or vertical. It comes with two plugs and two lamps that allow you to chose three different lighting preferences. You can turn on one lamp, the other […]

This is a unique table lamp designed by paratoner. This lamp has a unique body that shaped like a tilted cubes stacked on each other. It has several finishing to choose, natural or colored finishing. This lamps looks weird, unique but interesting for your room!

Designed by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte from POTT, this minimalist but beautiful lamp will be great for your interior. The lampshades was made from ceramic decorated by simple porous pattern on the surface. The light can comes out from the porous skin, creating a warm sensation when you are looking at it. More description by […]

Designed by Marc Th. van der Voorn, this modern lamp has two translucent lens-shaped discs are tied together with nothing more than a 65 meter long thin string. The round and big UFO-like shape will looks interesting and unique in your interior. You can see the video here. More description by Marc Th. van der […]

Designed by Lorenzo Polo, this lamp was made from layered felt that was bound together with resin, which acts as glue and a hardening agent, making it easy to mold, cut and sculpt. This layers of felt was cut away to reveal the colorful layers in a unique way. More description by Lorenzo Polo: The […]

Designed by YOY, this minimalist wall lamp is made from a piece of paper. You can install it just like a poster using tape or pins. And if you don’t like the simple white color, you can print various pattern on it. More description by YOY: A series of a wall lamp like a A2-sized […]

This is a unique nightlight that will be perfect for your kids. It has a form of campfire that giving a sensation like sleeping on the outside for your children. Now your kids can sleep beside the campfire inside their own room! It might not be great for roasting marshmallows, but this Campsite Nightlight is […]

Just like our mom, this lamp will angry if we waste the electricity. It was designed by Weng Xinyu as his graduation project to create a series of products that are not so useful but have good intentioned messages inside. This lamp has a hand that will turn itself off if it’s too bright, if […]

Designed by David Graas, this unique bulb shades has a shape of skyscrapers that seem to grow directly from the bulb. It was inspired by the evolution of high buildings that become taller and taller. And if these buildings are flipped upside down, it looks like stalactites that grow over time. This inspiration created a […]