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This is a unique lamp that will makes your guest wondering its system and enjoying the beautiful effect it makes. It was designed by Richard Clarkson Studio who took an inspiration from nature, or in this case rain. This lamp has a shape like a fishbowl, complete with the water inside it. The hidden pump […]

Designed by Cuatro Cuatros for LZF, this simple table lamp comes with book stand that will help you in various way. You can put your recipe book or tablet on it while cooking or doing something else. This allows you to read it comfortably. Description by Cuatro Cuatros: The product has several elements of study […]

Designed by Cristián Mohaded for Inconcrete, this lamp was inspired by the observation of stressed structures such as membranes or shells. The interesting part is that this concrete lamp is not bulky and heavy like other things that are made from concrete. Instead, it has a light and thin body. More description by Cristián Mohaded: […]

This simple and elegant lamp was designed by Ben Wahrlich from Anaesthetic. It was inspired by Constellation that represents beautiful stars formation on the sky. Each bulb represent a star that connected by the imaginary lines. With the golden finishing, this Constellation will looks elegant and beautiful in your home. Description by Anaesthetic: For us, […]

This is a adjustable lamp designed by James Dieter Studio. It has geometric form that can be easily adjusted to the form you want. You can choose between anodized aluminum finishes or brass to fit it into your interior. More description by James Dieter Studio: A positionable mobile of light that can be shifted through […]

Designed by Fyodor Lazariev, this simple-looking lamp was inspired by spider with its eight legs. But instead of looks scary, this lamp looks modern and amazing. It was made from plywood parts that can be assembled easily. You can use it as a pendant lamp or a table lamp. More description by Fyodor Lazariev: Lamp-cage […]

This is a cool and unique bulbshade designed by David Graas. The name was inspired by penguins in the Antarctic that huddle to survive the extreme cold. And like the penguins, we “huddle” in mega city like that is our destiny. More description by David Graas: Huddle is a 3D printed bulbshade showing the modern […]

Designed by Burkhard Dämmer for LZF, this beautiful hanging lamp was inspired from drawings of radiolarians by the German zoologist and philologist Ernst Haeckel. The simple microorganism inspired the organic form to the lamp, creating a beautiful shape like a dandelion. Other interesting part is that this is not a single lamp only. It has […]

This is a multifunction floor lamp designed by Filippo Mambretti for ZAVA. It comes with shelf that allows you to put your favorite things on it and charging station that allows you to charge your phone using the USB sockets. With its multifunction features and its compact size, it sure will easy your live. More […]

Designed by Lambert & Fils, this lamp was inspired by Chinese Screen. It made from coated steel and brass that give an industrial feel to this lamp. This lamp comes in three different version, floor lamp, wall lamp, and pendant lamp.