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Designed by Maarten De Ceulaer, this sculptural wooden wall lamp was actually made from a solid wood plank. This plank was milled on both top and bottom sides to create grids. These grids allow the plank to be bent into a fluid 3D curves shape. The grids then was filled with electrical circuit that connecting […]

Designed by Duncan Meerding, this unique lamp was made from salvaged logs. The light shines trough the cracks from the core of the logs, creating an unique light pattern all over the room. This lamp comes in several version to choose, like floor lamp, pendant lamp, wall lamp, and stool. More description by Duncan Meerding: […]

A table lamp is usually made from wood or metal, but Sleeve is an unusual table lamp. It was designed by Metrocuadro Design to show an innovative way in making lamps. It is made entirely in a tailor’s shop using gray felt as the main material. The felt is sewn together with bright red thread […]

The Duchess is a classic and elegant pendant lamp that was made from unusual materials, marble chips and Swarovski crystal. It was designed by mammalampa by combining the rough natural marble chips with beautiful Swarovski crystal into a classic semi-spherical form. When this lamp is lit on, the light will shines trough the crystals and […]

Left Lamp is a super simple and minimalist lamp designed by Luca Corvatta. It has a shape of single wood beam with light source on one of it sides. With this simple shape, you can put this lamp anywhere you want. You can put it on the floor, a table, a shelf, or against the […]

Designed by SOFTlab, this lighting sculpture shows beautiful lighting effects according to the sound. It was installed with a bunch of effects like a trail that cycles through the structure, waves, and pulses. These effects will be activated when a sound around this sculpture reaches a certain volume. You can see the wonderful lighting effect […]

Hide and Seek lamp was designed by Félicie Eymard, a simple lamp that looks invisible when you don’t use it. It uses etched plexiglass panels as the light medium, allows the panels look invisible when the lamp is lit off. These panels has a simple linear pattern that crossed between each other. You can remove […]

This is an interesting lamp that will makes someone who see it wondering. It was designed by YOY to makes it looks like floating in the air. By floating, I mean is not standing still but looks like hovering in the air, thanks to the two motors that moves this lamp. When it moves, it […]

This is a minimalist floor lamp designed by Yu Ito for Formabilio. This floor Lamp has two round plates with height that can be adjusted to your liking. You can put your cup of coffee, phone, newspaper, or any small things. And when you don’t need this extra space, just unfasten and push it to […]

Designed by Françoise Oostwegel, this lamp was inspired by traditional timbered houses and mining lamps seen in the Limburg province in the South of The Netherlands. The main structure is made of wood in an octagonal shape. Inside this wooden structure, copper linings were installed to reflect the light. The result is interesting, a natural-looking […]