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Stylish Standing Lamp Decorated With Curved Aluminum Sheet

Designer Matej Korytar has created PETAL, a modern lamp in elegant and minimalist style that will fit to any contemporary interior. The PETAL is constructed with two different materials: glass and aluminum. While the frosted 162cm-height glass piece stands firmly, the aluminum sheet is curved and open, revealing the LED source place in the center of […]

Flexible Lamp Inspired of Creative and Playful Folding Paper Game

Designer Luca Matta has presented a new creative design of functional lamp called Light Game. Inspired by the famous folding paper game, the designer created the lamp in playful and simple form resembling that paper toy we used to make in our childhood. To create such a chic lamp, press-formed technique is used to shape the […]

Modern Pendants in Unique Shape Made of Poplar Pieces

Designers from Schneid Enlightenment have presented unique collection of pendant light called Poplar Pendants. The design is characterized with warm and ambient light resulting from light source peeking through layers of thin poplar pieces. These poplar pieces are constructed beautifully into two different shapes, each of which offers beautiful and heart-warming light and are suitable […]

Minimalist Modular Desk Lamp Made of Cork

British designer Craig Foster has presented Kurk, a minimalist desk lamp made of cork material and bent steel frame. Interestingly, this complete elegant unit of Kurk is assembled of separately modular pieces that can be put together easily without glue or screw. This product is also quite eco friendly as each part of the lamp […]

Modern Lamp Installed in Playful Swing

Designer from BCXSY has introduced a creative innovation on lightning device that does not only function as illumination but can be playful as well. Swing Lamp is a lamp installed as a seat on a swing, just like those swings in the park. Only, this Swing Lamp is glowing in the dark as the seat […]

Unique Desk Lamp in Playful Animal Figure

Frank is a creative product of desk lamp presented by Thailand-based Pana Objects. The lamp takes playful shape resembling little puppy in its cute cubical body made of finely furnished wood. This modern desk lamp is even completed with four modifiable legs that allow you to adjust the direction of the light by simply change […]

Modern Lightning Design in Funny Animal Shape

Portuguese designer André Valériohas created an innovative design of contemporary lightning called Passa Cabos, a cute lamp in animal-like shape. Even with this cute shape, the lightning is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Very practical and playful, the electrical cable is placed inside the cork in dog-like shape and the light is going […]

Elegant Standing Lamp in Minimalist Style

LED Uplighter is a new innovation in stylish lamp created by designer Claesson Koivisto Rune. The design is inspired by the icons of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise and Citroën’s one-spoke steering wheel which is why the frame of the LED source is shaped in round form like that of steering wheel. The lamp is featured […]

Modern Task Lamp with Spreading Soft Gleam

Designer Massimo los Ghini has presented a new innovation of task lamp for manufacturer ITRE. The design, though it’s simple, is lovely with slim prop made of beech wood supporting a light source framed in square-shape casing. Unlike any other LED lamp, Leva light is soft as the design is employing an unconventional diffuser mape […]

Exceptional Lightning Installed on the Ceiling

Designer from Aqua Creationshas recently completed installing an exceptional lightning device at the Atelier and Sphinx in Langenthal, Switzerland. The illumination is installed at the center of the ceiling, giving warm and welcoming feel as it fills the space on the ceiling as well as spreading warm gleam. The design itself is creative and eye […]