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Designed by Crystal Danny for Auca, this touch lamp is the modern version of that classic touch lamp that you’d play with as a kid. To turn it on, just touch the metal strip. And to adjust the light, hold the metal strip for over three seconds. It is not only a lamp, but also […]

Designed by Tom Davies, this unique lamp is inspired by Lavvu Tent, a traditional tent which used by the Sami People of Northern Scandinavian. It comes with two different light bulbs that can be independently switched on and off. A Plumen light bulb is used on top of this lamp, makes it looks more unique […]

Donald Lipski comes with beautiful chandeliers that have a shape of dead old trees. The tree grows out from the ceiling with its magnificent branches and beautiful glowing “leaves.” It makes the room looks elegant, luxury as well as romantic. Imagine you have a dinner with your significant other under one of these amazing chandeliers. […]

Designed by Karim Rashid for Martinelli Luce, this super minimalist lamp is inspired by the shape of cyborg. In the simple shape, you can see the cyborg is ready to attack. And to make it looks more minimalist, it is outfitted with touch-sensitive controls so no switch will be seen.

Designed by Margus Tribmann for KEHA3, this lamp has a unique body that is inspired by industrial ventilation pipe. It also has the ability to change the light direction, thanks to the flexible tube-like body. It comes in two different lengths and can be installed both on ceilings and walls. This lamp will make you […]

This is a clever floor lamp design that allows you to adjust the light in unusual way, by pulling down and up the cone rim. It was designed by Bina Baitel and made of silicone and interwoven optical fibers. The silicone gives the lamp a flexible cone shape while the optical fibers emit light from […]

Took the inspiration from battlements of old castles, Stone Designs designed this contemporary lamp. It is made from plywood and has different sizes. You can install one lamp in one room or combine several sizes to create one wonderful combination. This way you can create a big or small lamp according to your room’s size. […]

Using today’s popular technology, LED strip, Dennis Parren created a unique and colorful lamp that was inspired by colorful jellyfish. He tried to use the LED strip differently, which usually placed hidden from sight, by showing the LED strip instead. The result is this unique lamp with colorful tentacles that will make your room looks […]

Designed by Marta Bordes, this lamp was designed to challenge the traditional use of ceramic and create a technical mechanism with it. The result is this unique ceramic lamp that looks like a satellite dish which can be moved like a real one, thanks to the elastic mechanism that holds the dish. You can change […]

Designed by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide, this pendant lamp plays with light and shadow. It has an organic shape of leafs which the light shines trough it and creating a beautiful lighting effect on the ceiling. The chrome finish and organic shape make it looks like a modern sculpture that will beautify your interior. More […]