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This is a modular standing desk that will save spaces out of your workspace. StandCrafted consists of several modules that are arranged in vertical. This arrangement redefine how the traditional table works and change it into a more efficient way. More description by StandCrafted: StandCrafted desks are designed to keep your work environment functional and […]

This is a unique desk designed by Les ateliers FLOWN. It was made from part of the wing of a 737-800 Boeing plane. The beautiful curved wing supported by Sea Pearl granit Block. This desk will be looks interesting and elegant in an office. More description by Les ateliers FLOWN: Derived from one of the […]

If you go to EMKE office building in Budapest, Hungary, you will see this beautiful front desk. This beautiful desk was designed by Tamás Ábel in association with LAB5 Architects. It made from layers of glass panels that stacked together in wavy shape. This wavy shape combined with the green color created a beautiful combination […]

Are you always working on your desk and have no time to exercise? Why not exercise while you sit by your desk and do your works? maybe it sounds hard, but you can do it easily using Big Rig, a pedal powered workstation. While you work and exercise, you can charge your phone or laptop […]

This is a unique and cool desk designed by Design Epicentrum for you who love car. This desk looks like the front of real Lamborghini with extra glass table top. Put in your office and amazed your friends. Description by Design Epicentrum: Whether you have a Lamborghini sitting in your garage or not, this strange […]

This is a modern desk designed by Anna Lotova called Oxymoron Desk. This desk has fabric pocket where you can put flat things like magazine, book, CD or even table extension. More Description by Anna Lotova: As a designer I hold value in exploring the optimal communicative strength of the materials that I work with. […]

This is a multifunction desk designed by BLESS. It can be easily transformed into a bed by pushing a button and flip it. These pictures found in the interview with Mira Schröder at Freunde von Freunden in her BLESS HOME.

This is a great desk design by Francois Dransart for you who work from home. A solution for messy and unorganized desk filled with cables, papers, phones, etc. This Desk comes with several types of boxes that allows you to customize it as you like. You can find basic box, paper/pen box, plug/cord box, induction […]

This is a unique desk and storage designed by Dave Guest. It Inspired by evergreen oak tree with a stump as its legs. Description: Native ash, European oak/burr and American black walnut. A statement piece to be used and admired by all the senses, it takes direct inspiration from the live/evergreen oak trees found in […]

This is a desk designed by Hideaki Asaoka for people who love to work. It consists of two desks, placed one above another to create different levels to place different item. When you need a bigger desk or when you have a teammate that need another table, you can expand this desk by pulling one […]