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This is another unique two-legged chair designed by Benoit Malta. It force you to move even when you are sitting. It is like sitting on an exercise ball but on the a wooden chair instead of a rubber ball. This chair stimulates the movement of parts of your body, and makes you to have better […]

This is a unique chair with a unique name. It was designed by Carlos Alves Ludovico and made from handcrafted oak and topped off with a mix of natural wool and linen. The woven wool and linen create a beautiful accent that looks great on this chair. To use it, you need to place it […]

This chair was made from left-over materials, make it 100% eco-friendly. It was designed by Fran Huerta to create an innovating design based on the use of materials. The result is this unique and interesting green chair that is great for indoor and outdoor. More description by Fran Huerta: One of the most important values […]

Do you want to help the earth? Use this is an eco-friendly rocking chair! It was designed by PlastiKetic and made of recycled plastic bottles mounted on the wooden frame. You can use it indoor or outdoor, also the seat is easy to replace too since you can find plastic bottles almost everywhere. More description […]

This is a chairs concept by Nissa Kinzhalina from NN Design Band, a chair with a super minimalist design. It has two different version, the low chair for dining room and the high chair for bar. The structure looks like a simple wireframe, makes it perfect for your minimalist or contemporary interior. More description by […]

Swing chair was designed by Iwona Kosicka to be a fun chair to sit on. It reminds us the fun moment when we play on swings at a playground, pushing forward and backward alone or with friends. It is made from wood with natural oil finish that make it looks great in any kind of […]

A glass chair? I think it is OK to sit on it. A glass chair with cactus under it? I will think twice before I sit on it! It is really funny to think that a simple cactus makes us feel uncomfortable. But that is the fun, that is the challenge! It is designed by […]

Designed by Hal Taylor, this rocking chair was designed to give a beautiful memories for you and your children or grandchildren. It comes with 2 extra seats where the kids can sit on it while you are telling them a beautiful story they like. Or maybe when they are tired, you can hold them together […]

This is a modular working space designed by Dymitr Malcew. It was designed by a treehouse that gives shelter to the one who use it, whether they are alone or not. It can be joined together or positioned separately depending on the need and task. So if you want to work by yourself, just push […]

Usually a designer want their products to be perfect, but it is different for Ryan Choi. He want to show that something imperfect can be beautiful too. The unique wrinkled form comes from the wrinkled aluminum foil used for casting. The resin is cast around an aluminum framework that makes it sturdy. This will be […]