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Minimalist Cabinet with Interesting Voronoi Pattern

This is a minimalist cabinet designed by Nicholas Domanski. This cabinet has an interesting pattern that inspired by Voronoi diagram pattern, challenges and confronts the concept of furniture ornamentation. The simple, white rectangle acts as a functional, three-dimensional canvas that not only displays an intricate design,but is able to store many objects of various shapes […]

Unique and Unusual Cabinet Made of Walnut

This is a unique and unusual cabinet designed by Peter Pierobon called Coast Range. It made of walnut, stainless steel and aluminum with unusual shape that will be interesting for your interior. “The inspiration for the concept was the topography that surrounds us here in Vancouver and how nature and the modern urban environment co-exist.” […]

Unique Cabinet with Undulating Shape

This is a unique cabinet designed by Ramon Gibbs named Elegant Possession. It has undulating shape that makes it great not only as a cabinet but also as a sculpture for your interior. This cabinet made of maple and accented with walnut. It also featuring six drawers where you can store your things.

Unique and Unusual Cabinet with Push and Store Feature

This is a unique cabinet designed by Chung-Tang Ho, a cabinet that doesn’t have shelves or drawers but doesn’t come with shelves or drawers. These tiny volumes will move forward once objects are pushed inside, allow objects with different shape to fit inside this cabinet as long as not higher or wider than its maximum […]

Unique Cabinet with Combination Between Modern and Old Elements

Designers from MaaK have created this unique cabinet with modern and old elements. Description from designer: Taking inspiration from the principles of visual and associative thinking, leafing through Alain de Botton’s Architecture of Happiness along the way, the detail manipulation of this furniture exists of a stylistic mixture of a discarded relic and minimalist post […]

Fashionable Modular Cabinet Unit That Can Be Stretched

Designer Kiki van Eijkhas completed the creation of the cabinet that looks like a giant sewing box—Sewing Box cabinet. It took four years to bring the product into its perfect construction and it is worth it as the result is amazingly original and practical as well as fashionable. Made of elm wood, the cabinet has […]

Modular Cabinet Assembled of Random Sized Components

This design really is amazing. Inspired by the complexity of Fibonacci sequence, designer from Guangzhou based architecture and design studio Utopiapresented a unique cabinet following the sequence of Fibonacci – Fibonacci Cabinet. The product came in seven separated components including a table, a big cabinet (55cm x 55cm) and five drawers which are varied in […]

Elegant Cabinet with Unique Misshapen Contour

Australian designer Jack Frosthas created innovative piece of furniture called Terranos Cabinet. This unique creation is a part of Common Wealth exhibition at the London Design Festival held in Chelsea. Inspired by the rural landscape of Australian topography, the designer has smartly transformed the beautiful natural contours of Australian topography into the exterior of Terranos […]

Unique Cupboard Inspired by Wood and Weed Weaving

This unique cupboard designed by Lukas Dahlén, a cupboard inspired by wood and weed weaving. Weave Cupboard made by using the technique of weaving something soft around a more stable structure. The top and base held together by sticks that act as the main structure. The weave used to covers the inside the cupboard and […]

Unique and Smart Cabinet that Can Be Extended

This is a smart idea of cabinet by Yi Cong Lu. This cabinet is made of plywood and MDF. In first sight you will think that it’s only an ordinary cabinet. But not like the other cabinet, the drawers of this cabinet located on its side, allows you to pull the drawers to the side […]