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This is a contemporary cabinet designed by Studio Truly Truly. It was made from natural materials using unnatural method, creating an interesting connection between two completely different element. More description by Studio Truly Truly: The ‘Fuse’ cabinet is a contemporary exploration in decorative wood-craft. It was born from a desire to create an unnatural connection […]

Designed by Jeremy Zietz, Collector Cabinet was designed for, of course, your collection. The shape looks like the bottom of a canoe, with rotating door to reveal the beautiful part inside. The carved inner wall will make your collection looks more amazing. Unfortunately you can only put small things inside it. But still, it is […]

Designed to challenge our traditional interaction with furniture, Leah Kenttamaa-Squires designed this interesting wooden cabinet with peel-able door. When it is closed, it looks like an ordinary cabinet with simple angled lines pattern. But this pattern is not an ordinary pattern, at least for the front side. These lines were created to allow the door […]

In its simple but interesting pattern, you will not believe what it was inspired by. Breathe Cabinet was designed by Studio BAAG for Durame, inspired by epidermal surface. The hollow parts on the doors represent the pores on our skin but in a minimalist and subtle way. More description by Studio BAAG: A cabinet with […]

This cool wall-mounted bar cabinet was designed by Splinter Works. It has panels that fan out to close the cabinet and create an image of spinning coin. When it is not used, it will become an unusual decoration for your room. And when you want some drinks, just open it and choose your favorite beverage. […]

Ever wondered how those heavy steel safe boxes work? Want to see its gears mechanism? mr.knox by Stephan Siepermann can be described as a light weight version of real safe box. The box and its mechanism are made from wood, designed to mimic the real steel safe box mechanism and reveal it to you. Not […]

What you see is not what it is. Designed by Ontwerpduo, this cupboard has a weird looking shape like it come from wonderland. But by using the ocular, you can see how normal it is. More description by Ontwerpduo: ‘If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what […]

Usually a cabinet must be sturdy to hold objects in it, but Studio Dewi van de Klomp ignore this characteristic and created soft cabinets that will change its shape when you place objects in it. The Soft Cabinet Green is a Cabinet that moves sidewards, right or left, depending on the volume inside the cabinet. […]

Lisa Berkert Wallard have designed this unusual cabinet with amazing effect that makes it looks like corrupted. More often than not, the idea process required to create something defines its purpose and character more than its appearance. Like the idea of reincarnation, the creative process is a journey where ideas take different forms. It is […]

This is an amazing cabinet designed by Boca do Lobo and AndrĂ© Teoman Ozguler Passos. They tried to combine between the traditional and antique design with the modern one. The result is this vintage looking cabinet with pixelate effect. More description from Boca do Lobo: Piccadilly Cabinet is made in an era where modernity is […]