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Round Bookcase with Randomize Storage Cells

This is a unique round bookcase design that has randomize cells to store your books. You can place one or two books into each of the cells. Designed by Michaël Bihain this bookcase is made of expanded polypropylene, this bookcase has 122cm of diameter and 29cm of width. It comes in some of bright colors […]

blue Customizable Bookshelves in Infinite Combinations

This is a unique bookshelves that customizable and has infinite combination. The parametric bookshelves is made of boxes that have different length, height, thick and color. You can create desired design by randomly combine the boxes. Designed by Caterina Tiazzoldi, this bookshelves formal complexity that is compatible and perfect for your contemporary interiors. Here are […]

storage of Smart Design of Adjustable Bookcase

This is a smart design of bookcase by Juil Kim that claimed this bookcase as mobile library. This bookcase made of nontoxic, recyclable material, ABS. This material has high impact resistance as well as abrasion resistance. The book storages are adjustable by twirling them up and down the center axis to adjust the height of […]

Custom Modular Bookcase with Cabinet

This is a customize-able modular bookcase with solid birch cabinets and some steel accessories. The birch cabinets are available in three sizes and some colors option. First is small cabinets with velvet red or powder blue. This small cabinets are come with or without door. The second cabinets are large one with ocean green or […]

Simple and Stylish Tree Branch Bookshelf

This simple and stylish bookshelf is inspired by the real tree, designed by Olivier Dollé. This bookshelf not only to store your favorite books, but it can be a stylish sculpture or wall ornament for your interior. It very interesting element for your decor, available in two models in a different wood finishes. Place it […]

Modern and Inviting Bookcase Design Ideas

This is a modern bookcase which have an inviting design for the customer. It created for Paagman booke store, located in the entrance of The Hague’s central library and designed by CUBE Architects. It looks transparent because of a large space between the shelves. The shelves consist of open spaces that have function as comfortable […]