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Unusual Bookcase in Chaotical Design

This is an unusual bookcase designed by Tembolat Gugkaev. This bookcase has different shape shelves such as trapezium and rectangles, stacked in chaotical order. This shelves equipped with lamp to help you search your things in darkness. The chaotical design will give an interesting view inside your house. You can use this bookcase to store […]

Unique Bookcase Shaped Like Tree

This is an unique bookcase designed by Roberto Corazza. It’s like this Tree Branch Bookshelf with full shape of tree, not only branch. This unique bookcase will make your interior looks life and add some natural effects. Made of plastic with open on both the front and back sides, this bookcase can be affixed to […]

Unique Bookcase in Books Pile Shape

This is an unique bookcase designed by Fabio Vinella. A perfect furniture for your kids’ bedroom. Here are some description from the designer: Have you never read a book for children before they go to sleep? Once upon a time is an original design furniture inspired by the old books. It may be used by […]

Vintage-looking Bookcase made of Reclaimed Wood

This is a bookcase designed by LDK, made of reclaimed wood from old Chinese riverboats. It has vintage but modern design that make it great for any interior. You can use it to store your books or your ornamental objects, place it as a room divider or just place it against the wall. The uneven […]

white Unique Bookshelf that Made of CardBoard

This is an unique bookshelf designed by Reinhard Deines from Fashion for Home. This bookshelf is made of durable layered-cardboard, make it 100% recyclable. It comes is several color to choose such as black, purple, blue, green, yellow, red and white. It offers several storage variations where you can place weighty tomes, glossy magazines, or […]

Modern Green and White Bookshelf with Wavy Shelf

This is an interesting bookshelf designed by Arco da Velha. This modern bookshelf has wavy shelf design that allow your to place various thing, not only book but also another accessories or your hobby stuff. The design let you to place all of that things in right place based on its size. The shelf itself […]

white Unique Wall Bookself in Funny Dreambox Shape

This is a unique bookshelf called Dreams bookshelf because it has dream textbox like in comics. Also, it looks funny when you place it on your wall. When you stand or sit in front of this bookshelf, it make you looks like thinking or dreaming. With its funny and modern shape, it will perfect in […]

Comfortable and Space Saving Reading Corner

This is a smart design of reading corner where you can feel comfortable when reading but still save your space to store this furniture. Designed by Paradny Kalomidi, this reading corner is a combination between chaise lounge and bookshelf. The result is unique reading corner where you can enjoy your books in comfortable position. When […]

Customizable Bookcase with Many Possibility

This is a unique bookcase where you can customize it as you like. It designed by Florian Gross for people who enjoyed redesigning and organising theirs surroundings. One set consist of three module in different size with comb-like slits each the module to make it easily customized. The modules can be used individually as a […]

Stylish Private Reading Area Surrounded by Bookshelf

This is a stylish bookshelf that will create a private space of reading area when joined. You can sit at the soft cushion while surrounded by the round bookshelf, give you a quite condition with many books to choose. Nautilus is inspired by the life long need for growth through learning. Not only formed in […]