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This is a simple but interesting idea that never occurs to me. When you need a book end, why not using another book as the book end? 50K Studio designed this simple and minimalist bookshelf with gaps at both ends. You can slot a book in and it acts as a book end. Minimal Bookshelf […]

Simple Bookshelf that Makes Your Books Look Floating in The Air

This is a simple but smart bookshelf design by Miron Lior. Conceal Bookshelf makes your stack of books look floating in the air without any support under the books. The bookshelf itself is only a powder coating steel that will becomes invisible behind stack of books. It can hold up to 15 lbs of weight. […]

Interesting Square Bookshelf that Can Transform into Different Shapes

This is an interesting bookshelf designed by Korean designer, Sehoon Lee. When you look at it, you will think that this is a boring and ordinary bookshelf. But when you try to push one of its box, you will interested. This bookshelf consist of nine boxes that hinged together, allows it to flex and move […]

Stylish Combo of Wine and Bookshelf in Stacked Tubes

This modern mixture of wine and bookshelf is designed by Capolinea Design, an “eco-design” Trade Mark in Italy. Indeed, all the materials they used to make this multifunctional LIBRA shelf is 100% recycled and reused. The cylindrical tubes are made of recycled cellulose that was intentionally produced for industrial purposes. With a recycled wood piece […]

Functional Bookcase in Unique Curling Shape

Bookworm, a creative design of bookcase constructed in unique shape of curling shelving system, is the latest product designed by Dutch designers at Atelier 010. With thin layers of MDF and plywood as materials, the bookcase is shaped in artistic curve that spares a space in the middle of the bookcase to sit and relax. […]

Unique Bookshelf That Challenge You to Balance the Book Arrangement

This design is not new, but still this one is original. Created by duo designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto, the bookshelf is created in playful shape of seesaw! It may looks ridiculous for some people, but look at the originality and creativity of the idea. Having this bookshelf, you will be challenged to balance […]

Unusual Vertical Bookshelf in 3D Barcode Profile

Looking for unusual furniture collection? This bookshelf may suit your taste. This unique bookshelf called Barcode bookshelf is a creative work of a Mexican designer, Eduardo Wignall. Inspired by the Barcode we see every day on each product we buy, the designer created the three-dimensional figure of it. Just like the name implies, the bookshelf […]

Colorful Bookshelf Unit in Modular Shelving System

Lapo Binazzi, a professor and an architect has collaborated with his student Bethany Jacobsen, creating a functional chic bookshelf for Genesi International. The exceptional character of this design lies on the colorful cubes which can be put together to assemble a complete unit. Such design allows the owner to creatively modify the bookshelf as each […]

Complicated Yet Simple Bookcase Design

The very first impression this storage may give is “complication”. Indeed, a slight look into this modular bookcase designed by Ian Revelycan really deceive our eyes. Revely did a great deal to create such an optical illusion. What looks like a complicated structure is in fact only consists of three components brought together to form […]

Modular Bookcase with Waving Shelves Shape

This is a modern modular bookcase designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo for Tonin CASA. ONDA is made of laquered MDF with extra clear glass shelves. Its shelves has a beautiful wave shape, gives an interesting view that ordinary bookcase. You can arrange it both vertically or horizontally as you like. This bookcase will be great in […]