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This is a unique bathtub designed by Carina Deuschl. When you are not using it, you can make it flat and move it somewhere else. Don’t worry, it is sturdy and comfortable enough to make your bath time enjoyable. More description by Carina Deuschl: INTENDED FOR WATER, CUT BY WATER, FORMED BY WATER! XTEND redefines […]

This is a modern bathtub designed by EOOS for Duravit. It was designed for two people to enjoy a bath together. So you can share the bath time with your loved one or maybe with your kids too. More description by EOOS: Originally EOOS developed a corner bathtub for Duravit with a wedge-shaped layout of […]

Now this is what I call life. Imagine swinging inside a hammock while enjoying the scenery. Now imagine lying in a bathtub with relaxing warm water and bubble bath over your body. Now try to combine that two things and you will get this wonderful Hydro Hammock, a hammock where you may bathe. And don’t […]

Designed by ZAD Italy, this elegant bathtub was inspired by a tiny wooden boat that is used to serve sushi and sashimi in Japanese restaurant. It has a simple, clean and elegant design that will make your bathroom looks wonderful. I just hope that I can sail with it.

This is a modern bathtub designed by Desnahemisfera for Kerrock by Kolpa. With the clean and modern design, it comes with built-in washbasin as well as another features like built-in speakers to make your bath time more enjoyable. More description by Desnahemisfera: Symbiosis is the harmony of a bath and washbasin. The merger of two […]

This is a beautiful bathtub designed by aLEGNA. This bathtub is made of wood with wood grains pattern that “flowing” to the center. Feel the peaceful bath with the nature. More description by aLEGNA: A masterpiece in its essential simplicity and uniformity. This masterpiece is made with wood monolithically formed as one unit. Laguna Basic […]

When you see this elegant and stylish bathtub, you will be amazed. Vessel is a bathtub by Splinter Works that combined bathtub and hammock into one object, brings a perfect relaxing and peaceful experience for you. This bathtub is designed to be used in a wet room, suspended from the walls like ordinary hammock. The […]

Don’t you bored with ordinary bathing space in your house? A bathtub and shower which you can control only the temperature and stream? If that ordinary bath experience bored you, Bathsphere is a perfect bathing space for you. Bathsphere is a suspended glass-bubble bathing space designed by Alexander Zhukovsky. You can create your own mood […]

Bathtub With Luxurious Features Inspired by Mother of Pearl

This extravagant looked bathtub is called Mother of Pearl, a luxurious tub whose design was inspired by the mother of pearl. Its white colored surface gives elegant sensation and the amazing bending shape makes the piece looks even more graceful. Interestingly, Spa was also completed with excellent features such as the hidden faucets and shower. […]

Remarkable Design of Bathtub in Wooden Floating Boat

Designer Wieki Somershas presented us a creative design of bathtub in distinctive shape of boat. The Bathboat exterior looks just exactly like a boat made of an oak and red ceder wood. To make the tub stand sturdily, the boat is supported with wooden legs made of the identical material. Though it’s made of wood, […]