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Designed by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY and Ammar Eloueini for an apartment they made in France, this unusual staircase has handrail that was made from Corian®. The steps are less than 1″ thick on the bottom and become thicker and thicker as they go up. This creates an impression that each step becomes more firm […]

This staircase in The Paper Factory Hotel looks different and unique! It was designed by DHD Architecture + Interior Design for the boutique hotel located in New York. As a person who loves to read, I just hope that these are some of those books that are not good. Photos by David Ayash

Designed by BUJ+COLON is part of a house called Casa Plywood Trio. Just like the name suggests, this staircase is made of plywood. It has a lot of storage spaces where you can put your belongings. You can put your books, magazines, shoes, or any other things to save some space inside this house. It […]

Stairs That Can be Used As Musical Instrument

This is a revamp of late Victorian staircase by David Ross and Leander Angerer. This stairs use floating marble plinth as the first step of this stairs, creating a natural but modern effect to the stairs. The balusters are replaced by tennis racket string, sewed into the handrail. You can pluck it to create a […]

Colorful and Artistic Sculptural Stairs in Beautiful Shape

This is a beautiful stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France, designed by Tétrarc Architects. This sculptural stairs shows the artistic elements in this School of Arts in unique and beautiful design. It has colorful lines that construct its surface. It looks like meteor shower but much colorful. The steps colored in […]

Moderen Wood Stairs Collection by Marreti

This is a wood stairs collection designed by Marreti. This stairs collection has a creative combination between wood, glass, steel and even lighting. It has simple and clean but beautiful with an integrated contemporary lighting component visible from the side or the wing-shaped cantilevered stairs. The wing-shaped stairs are attached to the wall that give […]

Amazing Staircase with Large Cylinder Aquarium

This is an amazing staircase designed by Diapo, a cantilevered glass helical staircase with large cylinder aquarium at the center of the staircase. The aquarium decorated with coral that formed like a pillar, bring an amazing view to people who use the staircase. This stair built from a single steel helical stringer with glass treads […]

Amazing and Beautiful Cantilevered Stairs

This is a cantilevered stairs designed by Nastasi Architects, bring an amazing design in your house. This stair is made of a composite resin, cantilevered from tubular steel, with a white oak tread surface. The base support has dark green color combined with brown neutral steps make it great, bring the nature and organic effect […]

Unique Sculptural Staircase in Metallic Backbone Shape

This unique staircase will be great for your home. Designed by Philip Watts, this staircase has sculptural design with structure that shaped like our backbone and colored in metallic. In some place Philip Watts add a melt metal effect that give an impression of fresh crafted structure. It looks modern with its shiny effect of […]

Fun Hanging Stairs with Round Holes Pattern

This is a fun looking hanging stair with random round holes pattern like bubbles, make it looks more fun. Designed by Biljana Jovanovic, this hanging chair is designed for a young and creative family with two young children. This stairs has modern style that will be fit with the lifestyle and the family who using […]