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complete features of Circular Kitchen for Small Space

This is a wonderful kitchen designed by Vitor Xavier for a small area of kitchen. Formed in modern half egg, all you need for cooking is available on this kitchen. This kitchen is perfect for small apartment which don’t has big space for ordinary kitchen. It has expandable table, cooking hub, sink, concealed storage and […]

Stylish Curved Staircase with Organic Form

This is an unique and stylish curved staircase that has organic form. Designed by Atmos studio, this staircase made of CNC-carving sheets of MDF and oak. This staircase is digitally fabricated and engraving depths to further split structural strands into ever-finer lineaments, producing elements that perfectly slot together like an architectural jigsaw. The result is […]

living room of Contemporary Building's Loft for Living Space

This is a nice contemporary design of loft in a former printing press factory in Toronto, Canada. Designed by Beauparlant Design, the building’s loft updated into a living space that has a reconsideration for the interaction between original features with comfortable living. They make a design that increasing efficiency and flexibility within an already open-space. […]

red cabinet with pool of Elegant Design of Contemporary Bathroom

This is an elegant Bathroom design for your contemporary house. Designed by Cerasa, the Eden Bathroom is not only cool but also has clean and minimalist backdrop, simple silhouettes with vibrant pops of color, rich lacquered finishes, interesting shapes, and also beautiful sculptural lighting. Described as “liberty style” by the designed, it let you mix […]

sculpture on living room with Unique Fan Ideas that Blowing Without Electricity

This unique fan is a great ideas to keeps air moving on an area without using electricity. The concepts is using an old trick with gears and pulleys to generate enough power for 5 minutes of hair blowing wind. It wouldn’t make a romm cool but can keeps air moving, while the design can be […]

public display Simple Handmade Valentine's Day Decoration

This is simple handmade Valentine’s day decorations to express your affection. It easy to made and fits for Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower, or other romantic occasions. Make your Valentine’s day better by these decoration. Here are some picture of this simple handmade Valentine’s day decoration ideas.

purple with ribbon Romantic Candles Ideas for Your Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is almost come. The romantic decor for your dinner is what you need to show your love to your beloved. Here are some candles decorating ideas to light up the evening with this bright grouping of candles. It easy to made and become sensuous candles add romance to any room or occasion. Here […]

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Collection black and white

This modern kitchen collection is designed by Schiffini for they new showroom located in Zurich, Switzerland. They designed two modern kitchen. The first kitchen is colored in black black and white color. The kitchen provide storage with stylish pattern design and also stylish seating. The second kitchen has white dominant color with nice butcher block […]

The Calla Lily Bathroom designed by Oriano Favaretto, the architect of Mastella – an Italian bath furniture design company. It is consist of a freestanding bathtub, pedestal sinks, and white faucets and taps, with a form which looks organic and very creative.

To make a small bathroom become functional, beautiful, and maximizes the existing floor space, some components such as fixtures, tiles, colors, lighting, sinks, countertops, etc, should be considered.