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Space Saving Kitchen Design in Fun and Fresh Blue Color

This kitchen design really interesting with its fun color and space saving ability. It colored in Turqoise blue color that will make the user feel fresh and happy while cooking in this kitchen. This kitchen designed for small space with save spacing and modern design. Although it is small, you still can feel comfortable and […]

Kitchen with Checkerboard Pattern that Made of Recycled Paper

This is a kitchen designed by Alessio Bassan for Key. It has checkerboard pattern with black and brown as the main color. This pattern is made from recycled and eco-friendly paper, fiber and non-petroleum-based resins that become a new material. It’s simple but great, easy to clean and will not easy to looks dirty because […]

cute form of Cute Cat-Shaped Candle that Transform Into Its Devilish Side

This is a unique candle design by Thorunn Arnadottir, a great decorating for your Halloween day. It has a cute cat shape that will transform into sinister devilish cat skull with blazing eyes. Just lit it and the wax will melt, showing the cat’s skeleton. Then eventually the ball of yarn by it’s side will […]

Luxury Black and White Kitchen with Modern Lighting Effect

This is a luxury kitchen themed in black and white colors. Designed by Simone Micheli for Euromobil, this kitchen designed to achieve the philosophy of Euromobil, “Living and Cooking.” The design looks amazing with additional blue lighting that placed at the bottom of the kitchen. It has clean design with contrast black and white colors […]

opened Modern and Simple Kitchen with Sliding Countertop

This is modern and simple kitchen, designed by Minimal and has unique feature. It feature a countertop that can slide to hide a singular induction stainless steel cooktop and a retractable faucet. The countertop is finished in wooden finishing. When it’s opened, the countertop can be used as a bar, a serving or a dining […]

Fun Hanging Stairs with Round Holes Pattern

This is a fun looking hanging stair with random round holes pattern like bubbles, make it looks more fun. Designed by Biljana Jovanovic, this hanging chair is designed for a young and creative family with two young children. This stairs has modern style that will be fit with the lifestyle and the family who using […]

entrance of Contemporary Bathroom with Natural Elements

This is a contemporary bathroom renovation designed by MOW Design Studio. This bathroom has clean and contemporary design at the entrance to the washbasin area. But in shower area, it give a natural element using dark color of stone, make it looks natural but modern. The washbasin has a really modern design, it has oblique […]

interior design of Glamour Showroom that Full of Organic Designs

This glamour and interesting showroom filled by organic design, starts from the lighting until the glasses. Designed by Giancarlo Zema, this showroom has sinuous Leaf Collection in DuPont™ Corian® and the mysterious Bright Wood Collection for Avanzini Group that make a unique and surprising atmosphere on the showroom. Not only that, it also consist of […]

bedroom view of Small Apartment Loft with Complete Features

This is a modern small apartment loft by MAFF. It offers complete features, like bed area, dining area, kitchen, toilet and shower in a small area. Not only that, it also features some of windows, allowing natural light fill the whole of the rooms. The white color make the apartment looks bigger. This is suitable […]

living room of Interior Design with Combination of Modern and Natural Elements

This is an interior of a loft designed by Frédéric Flanquart. Previously, this loft has been damaged by fire, but now it filled with modern and natural elements. They asked to create something new, ambitious and creative, in order to turn over a new leaf after 10 years spent at the loft. So, they want […]