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Super Modern Modular Kitchen Design

This is a modular kitchen design by Helder Filipov & Advanced Design Team and Whirlpool Latin America to bring a new experience of cooking for everybody. This kitchen’s height can be adjusted to your height or even for wheelchair bound folks. So it’s really for everyone. Liberty project working with space management that make a […]

Oval Bathroom Suites in Half Egg Shape

This is a simple, modern and elegant bathroom suites by Ceramica Cielo. This bathroom suites has an unique half egg colored in clean white in oval contours and fluid lines. This bathroom suites consist of sink, toilet and bidet that mounted to the wall and can stand on floor. It comes with sleek and high-polished […]

Unique Sculptural Made of Reclaimed Cardboard and Pallets

This is a sculptural habitat designed by Liam Hopkins of Lazerian. Pupa is inspired by cocoons, bee hives, spiders nests and weaver birds nests, elements that offers you comfort and safety. This habitat can be installed for dining area or meeting area, block the interference from outside and keep intimate effect between the users. It […]

Concrete Bathroom Design Decorated with Planter

This bathroom design is made by Art-Tic Design Studio, bring an unusual element as a bathroom. This bathroom use concrete for the base of the appliances, floor and the wall. The appliances base are formed like it fused with the floor. It create an unique continuation effect on this bathroom, bring calming and relaxing sensation. […]

interior of Modern Loft with Boundless and Fluency Space

This loft is designed by A1 Architectsand located in Prague, Czech Republic. Called as Rounded Loft, this loft represent the softness, boundless and fluency effect around this loft. They try to make no separation inside the loft, although there is some private area that separated such as bedrooms and bathroom. But the rest of the […]

Unique Sculptural Staircase in Metallic Backbone Shape

This unique staircase will be great for your home. Designed by Philip Watts, this staircase has sculptural design with structure that shaped like our backbone and colored in metallic. In some place Philip Watts add a melt metal effect that give an impression of fresh crafted structure. It looks modern with its shiny effect of […]

Small and Compact Mini Kitchen in Table-like Form

This kitchen set is a perfect choice for small house or apartments. It has mini size with complete feature inside it. When not used, this kitchen set will looks like a usual simple table where you can place your stuffs on its top. But when you need to use it, this kitchen will provide you […]

Super Modern Kitchen Table with Built In Fireplace

This is an awesome kitchen table that will not let you cold when winter comes. Designed by Michael Harboun, this kitchen table has super modern design in white color, combined with stove as a fireplace that will warm your kitchen in the winter day. Harboun combine this two object based on its nature character that […]

exterior of Showroom that Looks Like Small Amphiteater From Outside

This is a showroom for a residential construction company by Suppose Design Office, located in Kochi, Japan. If you see this showroom from outside, it will looks like a small amphiteater with staircase steps seating-like as the roof. This roof will provide enough light inside this showroom in unique way, although it has no window. […]

Unique Bathroom Suite with Modern Washbasin and Classic Furniture

This is a unique bathroom suite by Bisazza where it has a contrast design in one product. It consist of soft and modern washbasin combined by antique and luxury furniture. The furniture showing a design of black luxury italian mosaics pattern. The faucet has very modern design in chrome finishing with unique red tap. Classic […]