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An Extraordinary Multifunction Wooden Box in A Loft

Many people have thought to remodel their own house but only a few did it great. The Benoits couple is one of those who have smartly worked on remodeling their own loft into an amazingly well constructed place. Creative minds of Lynda and Peter Benoit from Melander Architectshave created an extraordinary wooden box construction with […]

interior of Modern Loft with Boundless and Fluency Space

This loft is designed by A1 Architectsand located in Prague, Czech Republic. Called as Rounded Loft, this loft represent the softness, boundless and fluency effect around this loft. They try to make no separation inside the loft, although there is some private area that separated such as bedrooms and bathroom. But the rest of the […]

bedroom view of Small Apartment Loft with Complete Features

This is a modern small apartment loft by MAFF. It offers complete features, like bed area, dining area, kitchen, toilet and shower in a small area. Not only that, it also features some of windows, allowing natural light fill the whole of the rooms. The white color make the apartment looks bigger. This is suitable […]

living room of Interior Design with Combination of Modern and Natural Elements

This is an interior of a loft designed by Frédéric Flanquart. Previously, this loft has been damaged by fire, but now it filled with modern and natural elements. They asked to create something new, ambitious and creative, in order to turn over a new leaf after 10 years spent at the loft. So, they want […]

living room of Contemporary Building's Loft for Living Space

This is a nice contemporary design of loft in a former printing press factory in Toronto, Canada. Designed by Beauparlant Design, the building’s loft updated into a living space that has a reconsideration for the interaction between original features with comfortable living. They make a design that increasing efficiency and flexibility within an already open-space. […]