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Unique and Compact Kitchen for Small House

This is an unique and compact kitchen that will great for your small house or apartment. Maybe you have see about another mini kitchen like Soria, but this mini kitchen is smaller that contains a lot of appliances for cooking delicious food. It contains vegetable washer, dishwasher, refrigerator, small pantry, oven, and two other cooking […]

Super Modern Modular Kitchen Design

This is a modular kitchen design by Helder Filipov & Advanced Design Team and Whirlpool Latin America to bring a new experience of cooking for everybody. This kitchen’s height can be adjusted to your height or even for wheelchair bound folks. So it’s really for everyone. Liberty project working with space management that make a […]

Small and Compact Mini Kitchen in Table-like Form

This kitchen set is a perfect choice for small house or apartments. It has mini size with complete feature inside it. When not used, this kitchen set will looks like a usual simple table where you can place your stuffs on its top. But when you need to use it, this kitchen will provide you […]

Super Modern Kitchen Table with Built In Fireplace

This is an awesome kitchen table that will not let you cold when winter comes. Designed by Michael Harboun, this kitchen table has super modern design in white color, combined with stove as a fireplace that will warm your kitchen in the winter day. Harboun combine this two object based on its nature character that […]

Space Saving Kitchen Design in Fun and Fresh Blue Color

This kitchen design really interesting with its fun color and space saving ability. It colored in Turqoise blue color that will make the user feel fresh and happy while cooking in this kitchen. This kitchen designed for small space with save spacing and modern design. Although it is small, you still can feel comfortable and […]

Kitchen with Checkerboard Pattern that Made of Recycled Paper

This is a kitchen designed by Alessio Bassan for Key. It has checkerboard pattern with black and brown as the main color. This pattern is made from recycled and eco-friendly paper, fiber and non-petroleum-based resins that become a new material. It’s simple but great, easy to clean and will not easy to looks dirty because […]

Luxury Black and White Kitchen with Modern Lighting Effect

This is a luxury kitchen themed in black and white colors. Designed by Simone Micheli for Euromobil, this kitchen designed to achieve the philosophy of Euromobil, “Living and Cooking.” The design looks amazing with additional blue lighting that placed at the bottom of the kitchen. It has clean design with contrast black and white colors […]

opened Modern and Simple Kitchen with Sliding Countertop

This is modern and simple kitchen, designed by Minimal and has unique feature. It feature a countertop that can slide to hide a singular induction stainless steel cooktop and a retractable faucet. The countertop is finished in wooden finishing. When it’s opened, the countertop can be used as a bar, a serving or a dining […]

complete features of Circular Kitchen for Small Space

This is a wonderful kitchen designed by Vitor Xavier for a small area of kitchen. Formed in modern half egg, all you need for cooking is available on this kitchen. This kitchen is perfect for small apartment which don’t has big space for ordinary kitchen. It has expandable table, cooking hub, sink, concealed storage and […]

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Collection black and white

This modern kitchen collection is designed by Schiffini for they new showroom located in Zurich, Switzerland. They designed two modern kitchen. The first kitchen is colored in black black and white color. The kitchen provide storage with stylish pattern design and also stylish seating. The second kitchen has white dominant color with nice butcher block […]