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accessing pirate ship of Wonderful Kid Bedroom with a Pirate Ship Inside

This is a unique and wonderful kid bedroom decoration with a pirate ship inside the bedroom. The bedroom decorating is inspired to accomplishes a dream for pirate enthusiasts of all ages. The bedroom can be accessed by a slider that accessed through a hole located at a superior floor. The slider bring you to a […]

Lauren Jennings has created this wonderful Portal themed bedroom. Portal is a 2007 first-person puzzle-platform video game developed by Valve Corporation. This bedroom is filled with posters, signs, and familiar objects Portal and Portal 2. If you are a portal fan, this bedroom is a great inspiration for you.

Colorful Kids Bedroom Design Featuring Light Decorative Objects

Neopolis has designed a colorful bedroom for kids. It is deliberately designed for a young family with one daughter around three years old. However, the design is also featured some neutral colors like white, ivory and bright wood on its interior in order to anticipate the coming of a second child (boy). The bedroom arrangement […]