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Sometimes you need to leave your kids in a day care, a place where they can playing and learning something new, while you do something important. And of course the day care mus be perfect. This kindergarten/day care by Baukind trying to create a perfect environment for your kids. It designed for Kita Drachenreiter in […]

What we love about Japanese architecture is how they combine the natural and modern elements into one object, creating typical of Japanese design. You can see this characteristic in Peanut Nursery School, a nursery school designed by UID Architects. The unique parts of this building is that it has a peanut-like shape. You can see […]

School with Unique Concave and Convex Windows

This is an unique school located in Paris, France, designed by Eva Samuel Architects and Associates. The purpose of this building is to comply with the City of Paris’s climate plan, offering visual protection, increased natural light to counteract the surrounding solar screens, no thermal bridges, natural ventilation and double flux in winter. This building […]

front view of Modern Music and Drama College Building

This building is a Music and Drama College building of Royal Welsh college designed by BFLS. This building offer sustainable solutions; a green roof, natural ventilation and ground source heating and cooling. A winner of an international design competition, this building has three performance and rehearsal spaces, teaching rooms, studios and library facilities. They focused […]

Fun Nursery School Building front

This is a fun nursery school design which make children cheerful when looking into the building, designed by Tham & Videgård Architects. The yellow exterior with vertical facade panel made of 50x50mm sawn wood, make it looks like a nice place to play whole of day. This panel filters direct sunlight into the nursery school […]