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Modern House in All White Colored Theme

This is a house designed by Alberto Campo Baeza. It designed as a house to read, to write and to think. From the street you can see the box-shaped building that rised to the sky. This box-shaped building looks like floating with big glass windows that covered its base. The garden decorated with trees that […]

Unique Holiday House in Tube Form

This holiday house is really unique, designed by Simon Laws. Located near the ocean at Seventeen Seventy, the Queensland coast of Australia. Some of this house such as living and sleeping pods also bath house is built in Brisbane while the prefabricated parabolic roofed structure and decks were erected onsite. This house use natural oiled […]

Unique Bar with Cooper Clad Bar and Stool

This is an unique bar designed by Jenner Studio. This bar is clad using cooper that make it interesting, unique, beautiful and shiny. This bar aslo equipped with cooper clad stool too. It will give a new sensation to the guest. The stool using steel pipe as the frame where the cooper clad while the […]

glowing Temporary Building Inspired by Plankton

This building is designed by Pohl Architects for PlanktonTechto promote their work around the world. PlanktonTech is a German research institution that studies plankton. The building is inspired by a type of phytoplankton called diatoms, showing what this research institution is working on. This building is made of fibre-reinforced polymer panels.

front of Modern House with Cool Interior Beautiful Garden

This house is designed by Symbiosis Designs, a modern house with interesting design. The exterior has geometric and simple-looking design colored in light brown color. This color make it looks like desert area with the garden that act like an oasis, give a great views for the occupants. The interior has black and white theme […]

interior of Modern Restaurant with Green Blocks Interior Theme

This restaurant has unique but modern design with green blocks interior theme. It designed by Golucci International Design, located in Beijing, China. Green color can make the guests relax after tiring day while eat a delicious food. It has beautiful decoration such as the organic decoration on the ceiling. Nice place to hang out with […]

Three Story Beach House with Big Glass Opening

This is a house designed by Stelle Architects, a beach house with big glass opening to maximize your views to the surrounding. It built over the origial building that slated for demolition, keeps the existing scale and dynamics of the site to make the new house has the footprint and spirit of the original home. […]

Modern Big Residence with Lake Travis Views

This is a two story residence designed by Hsu Office of Architecture. It located atop a sloping site off Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. This residence utilizes a bisecting plan, offers flexible open space and respond to the grade of the site. This residence use natural materials such as wood siding, stacked ledge stone and […]

Unique Cottage with Glass Enclosure Connector

This cottage is designed by Garrison Architects, built in Albion, Michigan. Koby Cottage is a guest house for a family while they visiting their children at Starr Commonwealth, a nonprofit organization in Michigan. It consist of two main area that connected by a glass enclosure, give a nice views of the lake and the sky […]

Modern Office on Top of Warehouse Storage

This office is an extension for a warehouse storage building of Asona Benelux BV. The client ask an Amsterdam-based architecture, I Love Architecture, to maximize the storage space. The result is they create a modern office as an extension on top of the warehouse storage building, maximize the warehouse space and give an office that […]