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This is an amazing hotel concept by Salt & Water. It consists of central floating construction and several rooms or apartments connected by the pathway. The amazing thing is that these apartments is actually a catamaran. It can be detached from the main building to wander around on the water. You can sail it to […]

This contemporary house was designed by PHOOEY Architects with a surrealist technique called “Cubomania,” a technique that catalog, re-use and re-invent the demolished building materials. The result is amazing. The exposed bricks creates an interesting pattern all over the place, creating a natural-looking exterior that contrast with the contemporary interior. The materials from demolished building […]

Zoku is new hotel industry brand designed by concrete. But is is not like an ordinary hotel, Zuko is a home-office hybrid built in a small loft space. But even tough it has a small space, Concrete cant utilize the space into a comfortable and full-featured living space. It is like a room full with […]

This small apartment by MKCA would be great for you who can’t afford a big place. Even tough it has small space, this apartment still have complete features like the bigger one. The key is on the movable wall that hides a fold-down bed. This wall features a TV that can be rotated towards the […]

Designed by Architect Martin Dulanto Sangalli, this modern house will gives the feel of open space for the occupants. Maybe it isn’t for someone who strict about privacy, but it sure for someone who loves outdoors. Even tough this house has such open spaces, it still have some private spaces in the basement. From outside […]

This is a cool space for kids to enjoy their time reading their favorite books. It was designed by PlayOffice, answering the challenge about how to make a traditional family library into an appealing place for kids. The result is really great. The kids can sit or laying down on the net while reading, and […]

This modern house was designed by Gluck+. It is located high in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, standing with the roof integrated into the surrounding. You can see the roof has grass growing on it, making the house blend into the mountains while creating a cool environment inside the house. The occupants can enjoy the […]

“There’s a ribbon in the sky for our love…” Just like a song by Stevie Wonder, Ribbon In The Sky, this beautiful wedding chapel by NAP Architects shows how beautiful a wedding can be. This building has double spiral stairways that wraps the building like a ribbon, two stairways that joined to become one like […]

Just as the name suggest, this house was built on top of a “pole”, a concrete platform supported by a 13m high pylon. It was designed by F2 Architecture and located above the scenic Great Ocean Road in Australia. Glass walls were used on one side of the house, allow the occupants to the spectacular […]

This is a smart concept by Design Develop. This concept allows the unused space behind advertising billboard transformed into a small house for homeless people. Even tough it is small, it comes with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. From the inside you can see how modern it is. I myself will be happy to live in […]