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Modern House in Canyon Highland for a Family with Kids

Beautifully designed is the Emigration Canyon Residence by Sparano + Mooney Architecture. The main emphasize of the design is to capture the surrounding canyon view since the residence is located in Emigration Canyon on the highland of the Salt Lake City, Utah. The residence is also purposely built for a couple with children as it […]

Transparent Architecture Surrounded by Beautiful Nature

  Zeroplus Architectshave finished an excellent architecture project called the Sneeoosh Cabin in Puget Sound, Washington. You will find the elegant building within green surrounding near Deception Pass on the Swinomish Indian Reserve in an almost transparent form. The glass enclosure is a perfect feature, offering exposure to the forest and adjacent views include Hope […]

living area of Beautifully Constructed House with Garden in The House Concept

  WOW Architectshave completed architectural project called the Sunset Vale House in Singapore. The clients, a Singaporean family, must be really satisfied with the result as it does convey contemporary style in unique detailed character. Instead of bringing the concept of “house in garden”, both architect and client agreed on “garden in the house” concept. […]

Exquisite Home Design on a Hill Overlooking Beautiful Scenery

  Axis Architectshas completed an architectural project called H-House on a hill overlooking Salt Lake City, Utah. This modern residence is located on a highland of Salt Lake City’s East Bench on Devonshire. The main emphasize of the design is to provide living space which allow the owner to enjoy beautiful scenery from the overlooking […]

Mobile House Which Suitable For Any Environment and Climate

Designer Andrej Cverhahas created a smart design that is so unusual yet attractive: Monohedron. The idea for design is to provide a mobile living house which is suitable for any environment and climate. Beautifully designed, the figure itself looks unusual and unique with puffy layers that function as roof. Such design allows you to set […]

Natural House That Camouflage in Hill Background

  Carver + Schicketanzhave completed architectural project called Dani Ridge house in Big Sur California. Well, you may hardly notice the building from afar since the house is concealed from its uphill neighbors. This is precisely why the design is excellent. The designer has smartly used a layer of grassland for the roof to camouflage […]

Exquisite Architecture Bringing Rural and Contemporary Styles Combination

Architects of Grzywinski+Ponshave completed an exquisite building called the Dutchess House No. 1. This delicate house is located in Millerton, New York. The character that the designer brought is combination between rural and contemporary style, creating contradictory style that somehow complement each other. For the exterior the designer used sleek materials in bricks-construction outline for […]

side view of 3-Dimensional Triangular House Design in a Very Narrow Space

Jakub Szczesny of Centralahas created a smart design of a house to be built in a very narrow spot between two tall buildings in the district of Wola, Poland. The site is so narrow that it can only accommodate interior that vary between 72 centimeters and 122centimeters. Can you imagine a living space in such […]

Classy Family Home Design Emphasizing on Spatial Zone and Green Environment

Dettling Architektenhas presented a great work of architecture called C1 House in Karlsruhe, Germany. The character of its exterior may look simple in rectangular base construction but somehow brings the sense of elegance and exclusivity. The curved ceiling on the first floor suggests warm and stylish atmosphere. The architecture is also completed with rectangular developed […]

back view of Writing Studio in Minimalist Design Featuring Element of Woods

  Cooper Joseph Studiohas completed a work of architecture to be functioned as working studio of a writer. The building is located in a rural site of Ghent, New York. The design is actually quite simple; the characteristic of the studio exterior is the domination of dark colors for its fa├žade, featuring wide glass windows […]