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This is a former ambulance garage that transformed into a modern house by Doepel Strijkers together with LEX Architects. You can see the video here. This former ambulance garage in the centre of Rotterdam borders on a secluded park. Replacing the rear wall with a large glass window creates a direct relationship to it. The […]

This is a wonderful apartment for two young students, designed by Ruetemple. This 33 square meters apartment consists of two story where you can explore it like in an adventure. The second floor is full of hammocks where the occupants can do some adventure on it. While the work space is fixed, the relaxation space […]

Working in your office for a long time is not good for both of your body and mind. You can get really stressed by looking on same place over and over again. But what if you can’t go outside to refresh your mind because you need to finish your job. Justin Kemp placed large sandbox […]

Have you heard about a skyscraper that made of wood? Yeah, this 34-story residential skyscraper design by Berg | C.F. Møller Architects is almost entirely made of wood. The material was chosen for its lightness, natural climate regulation, acoustics and exposed aesthetic quality. This design is proposed for Stockholm’s cultural hub and it might surprise […]

What we love about Japanese architecture is how they combine the natural and modern elements into one object, creating typical of Japanese design. You can see this characteristic in Peanut Nursery School, a nursery school designed by UID Architects. The unique parts of this building is that it has a peanut-like shape. You can see […]

Simple and Modern,this is what Japanese house looks like this day. You can see these elements in Idokoro House, a house designed by mA-Style Architects in Shizouka, Japan. From outside you can see how simple it is, while from inside you can see the modern element. The wooden elements inside this house give a natural […]

Designed to be a solution for current Chinese land policy, this house based on the minimum space people need for basic indoor movement , such as sitting, laying and standing. Micro house is designed by Studio Liu Lubin using glass fiber reinforced plastic as the main material, gives a light but strong character to the […]

Marvelous Interior Inspired by Bory Tucholskie National Park

Karina Wiciak form WamHouse have designed this marvelous interior. More information about Stolarnia: “Stolarnia” is the sixth design in the collection called “XII”, entirely designed by Karina Wiciak. “Stolarnia” (in Polish – Carpenter’s Shop) was inspired by the landscapes of the Bory Tucholskie National Park, near which the author lives and works. According to the […]

Narrow Restaurant with Unique Facade Design

Designed by ISSHO Architects, this narrow restaurant has a simple but comfortable place to eat. This restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan, right around the corner from the major thoroughfare Meguro Street. Above the restaurant there is the owner’s residence. The building has Machiya-style wooden louvers, invoking a traditional Japanese townhouse, but the depth of each […]

Small Apartment with Suspended Bedroom

Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec have designed this small apartment in Paris, France. The interesting part of this apartment is the suspended bedroom. More description about this apartment: The transformation of this small apartment has above all been strategic : Decompartmentalize the place so as to fit out an open plan and elude the demand […]