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This is a cool space for kids to enjoy their time reading their favorite books. It was designed by PlayOffice, answering the challenge about how to make a traditional family library into an appealing place for kids. The result is really great. The kids can sit or laying down on the net while reading, and […]

Magnificent Public Library Featuring Mountainously Spiraling Bookshelf

Designer from MVRDVhas recently finished a great architecture project of public library. The architecture is located Dutch town of Spijkenisse, Netherlands. The very character offered in this magnificent building is the mountainous book arranged in high spiraling-up bookshelf. It is a really breathtaking view to look at how neat these thousands books arranged. To provide […]

Library and Culture House in Futuristic Design

This building located in Vennesla, Norway, a library, cafĂ©, meeting places and administrative areas, and links an existing community house and learning centre. It designed by Helen & Hardto create an inviting public space in one generous space. From the outside, the guest can see the interior of this building. Inside this building you can […]

interior of Library with Wood Structure and Branch Exterior

This library show the unique design of natural building. It designed by Li Xiaodong Atelierand located five minute walk from small village of Huairou on the outskirts of Beijing. They try to create a modern programmatic complement of library and small reading space in the quiet environment. This library blend with its surrounding, bring the […]

front view of Public Library with Refreshing Natural Elements

This is a public library in Whistler, BC, Canada that has a refreshing natural elements of the materials and environment. This library designed to create a crafted response to site conditions and the imperatives of alpine architecture by using local natural materials, contemporary wood detailing, and a formal building response to improve energy efficiency. Designed […]

Ingleside Branch Library is located on an Ocean Avenue corner lot in San Francisco, California. This building is designed by Fougeron Architecture and Group 4 Architecture, consists of a main reading room, children’s reading room, community room, staff support space and an outdoor garden.