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Do you want to have a unique experience while traveling and staying in a hotel? If you do, you can try to stay in this unique hotel then. Faralda Crane Hotel is a unique hotel that offers three extravagant high end suites in top of the crane. From here you can see the beauty of […]

CityHub is a combination between hostel and hotel, creating a great space to stay the night. Each space, called cabin hub, is configure in and “L” shape to maximize the used spaces and fit more rooms into the building. You can see the video here. More description by CityHub: We love hostels because of their […]

This hostel is a perfect place for you who love to read books. It was designed by Japanese firm Suppose Design Office based on an unusual but interesting concept. With over 1,700 titles of books and comics available to read, you won’t have an easy-to-sleep experience but you will have an experience of falling asleep […]

These are amazing suites by Natura Vive, hotel suites that hanging off the side of a mountain located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru. To reach these suites, you need to climb or hike trough steel ladder and zip lines. These things are built for people with no experience in climbing mountain, so for […]

This is an amazing hotel concept by Salt & Water. It consists of central floating construction and several rooms or apartments connected by the pathway. The amazing thing is that these apartments is actually a catamaran. It can be detached from the main building to wander around on the water. You can sail it to […]

Zoku is new hotel industry brand designed by concrete. But is is not like an ordinary hotel, Zuko is a home-office hybrid built in a small loft space. But even tough it has a small space, Concrete cant utilize the space into a comfortable and full-featured living space. It is like a room full with […]

This is an unusual hotel in Cotai, Macau, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. You can see the unusual parts from outside, it wrapped with exoskeleton that reinforces the dynamism of the design. More Description by Zaha Hadid Architects: Melco Crown Entertainment, a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Asia, has […]

cell block of Prison that Converted and Decorated to Become a Hotel

This is a former prison building in the Netherlands that was converted into a modern luxury hotel. Het Arresthuis was renovated while the jail cells were transformed into comfortable hotel rooms. It opened and served as a jail in 1862. In 2007 this prison was shutdown permanently. Now you can enjoy the unique and different […]

cockpit room in Exquisite Hotel Developed in the Huge Body of Boeing 747

Have you ever fallen asleep on airplane during the flight? If so, you may like staying in this hotel called Jumbo Stay in Stockholm. Yes, like you can see in the pictures, the hotel is the plane and the plane is the hotel. Jumbo Stay was developed in the huge body of the Jumbo Jet […]

restaurant in Epic Hotel Interior Design with Original Eclectic Decor

Duo designers Fernando and Humberto Campanahave completed interior design of the NEW Hotel in Athens, Greece. The look of the interior indeed is unique if cannot be said as bizarre but somewhat beautiful. The concept of the interior design is to create an artistic environment employing ancient Athens motives in combination with modern objects. The […]