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This beautiful bridge is designed by schneider+schumacher. The entrance 70m wide with spiral ramp. This beautiful white bridge provides both safety and beautiful views for pedestrians and cyclists. More description by schneider+schumacher: The new white Ölhafen Bridge is an elegant, curved structure. It spans the 70 m wide entrance to the oil terminal harbour in […]

This is an amazing footbridge over the River Hull in Kingston upon Hull, England, designed by McDowell+Benedetti Architects. This innovative swing bridge is winning entry in an international 3-stage design competition held in 2005. It brings a unique experience of riding on the bridge to the pedestrians while it opens and closes to river traffic. […]

Remarkable Swirling Bridge in Front of Sarajevo Church

Collaborating designers Adnan Alagic, Bojan Kanlic and Amila Hrustic has completed Festina Lente Bridge, a remarkable bridge crossing a large river in front of Sarajevo Church. Formed with durable materials of steel with aluminum trim and glass fencing, the bridge doesn’t only look sturdy but also remarkably elegant yet very contrastive to the surrounding view […]

Modern Inflatable Bridge That Allows You to Bounce on It

Team designer of AZChas design a bridge plan to be installed across Seine River, Paris, France. The idea is to provide joyful path which also functions as modern pedestrian bridge. Hence, the bridge will be built in 30 meters in diameter consisting of three rings of inflatable trampoline. Each ring filled with 3700 cubic meters […]

Unique Bridge that Built Under The Water Level

This is an amazing and unique bridge by Ro&Ad Architects. This bridge built at Fort de Roovere in Halsteren, The Netherlands, a historical place of a defensive fortification. The purpose is to create an invisible bridge from a distance and has less impact on the historical nature of the fortress. The result is an amazing […]

Modern Footbridge Wrapped in Futuristic Spiral Structure

This is a modern footbridge that has futuristic spiral structure design. It formed like wrapped silver cone like in structure, give a modern and elegant sense. This bridge is designed by Dominique Perrault Architecture and built in Madrid, Spain. It has 278 m of length and 5 to 12 m of width. Arganzuela Footbridge designed […]

The Zubizuri or the Campo Volantin Bridge or Puente del Campo Volantin, is a tied arch footbridge designed by architect Santiago Calatrava in 1990 and located across the Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain. The bridge opened in 1997, links between the Campo Volantin right bank and Uribitarte left bank of the river.

The Palladin Bridge at Wilton House The Palladin Bridge is a bridge building located at some sites. The original bridge located at Wilton House, Buckinghamshire, South East England, England, United Kingdom, near Salisbury. It designed by the ‘Architect Earl’ Lord Pembroke, Henry Herbert and his assistant, Roger Morris in 1737. The design is based on […]