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Modern Apartment That Looks Like Four Houses Being Piled Up

Designers from Sou Fujimoto Architects have created an apartment building called Tokyo Apartment in the densely populated city of Tokyo, Japan. The building consists of four living units developed vertically and each unit has prototypical house shape. So, it’s like having four house units being piled up vertically in a very neat arrangement. Such a design […]

living area of Cozy Apartment Featuring Whole Wooden Elements

Italian designer Gianluca Fanetti has finished his work in a project design of a modern apartment in Campodolcino, a small region of Lombardy, near Switzerland. The whole design of the interior is mainly made of wood elements, creating an enchanting and warming atmosphere all over the place – wooden floor, wooden walls, wooden ceiling, wooden […]

Minimalist Interior Design for Small Apartment with Many Rooms

Designer from h2o Architectshave recently finished designing the interior of a modern apartment in the ski resort town of Menuires, France. The demand of the client was to remodel the existing design as a part of a building built in 1965 without changing the structure. Maximizing the provided space, the hard work of the team […]

Modern Apartment for Students Characterized in Dynamic Exterior

A modern apartment deliberately built for students has been designed by OFIS Architects in the city of beauty Paris, France. Sited in a very long and narrow space, the building stands in 11 m width and 200 m length extending along the street Des Petits Ponts which also role as a new Paris tram route. This […]

Marvelous Apartment Building with Two Distinctive Characters

Designer from Camenzind Evolutionhave recently finished an apartment building called K.I.S.S. in Zurich, Switzerland. With close collaboration between the designer and the client Swiss Life, KISS is now stand gracefully with 46 individual 2.5-4.5 room maisonettes and flats. Appeared from the front, the building gives classic sense from its randomly arranged windows in different sizes. […]

wall shelves of Artistically Designed Apartment Marked in Vivid Colors Character

Artistically finished is the words came into my mind when I first looked at the design of Bohemian Apartment by Incorporated Architecture & Design. Indeed, the interior design is very suitable for arts lover. Employing vivid colors, the designer has smartly created artistic character to every detail of the interior. There are, for example, a […]

stairs of Artistic Apartment Interior with Stair Railing Made of LEGO

This is an unique and awesome apartment interior designed by I-BEAM Architecture. This apartment interior designed for creative professional and can be used as alternating studio and exhibition walls. There are some drawings made by the owner on the wall that acts as a minimal pallet made of walnut, carrera marble and white paint. The […]

Small Apartment with Hidden Bed

This is a smart apartment design by POINT Architecture. They trying to bring up the family to a multifunctional use of the spaces, without conventional limits. The result is a big room space with multiple functions that contains the living, dining area, relax area and bedroom area. Half of this room is elevated and become […]

Modern Apartment Interior Renovation in Bright Theme

This is a modern interior renovation by Laura Alvarez Architecturefor a 70’s apartment in Kattenburg area of Amsterdam. Inside this apartment you can see fantastic views to the garden in southeast. A wooden box placed to separate day and night area and become the center of activities. This box contains most of service spaces of […]

Modern Apartment Renovation in Bright Design

This is an apartment renovation by Laura Alvarez Architecture. This apartment originally has dark and claustrophobic appearance so they renovate it to a bright and modern apartment. It consist of two stories, the lower floor is a public space while the uper floor is the private area. The lower floor is a continuous space that […]