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Designed by POSITION Collective, this small apartment in Budapest, Hungary was designed for travelers. In this apartment you can find everything you need when traveling, including a bed, open closet, kitchen, dining nook and bathroom, all packed nicely in a simple and modern design. Not only that, it also has a balcony which supplies enough […]

If you like collecting figurines and other toys, you will love this apartment. This apartment is designed by KC Design Studio for a couple that collect toy figures as a hobby. If you live in this apartment, you can be proud both of your apartment and your collection. Photos by Sam Siew Shien

This is a renovation of small 400 square foot apartment by Michael K Chen Architecture. The interesting part of this apartment is that it has a multifunction cabinet that hold most of the things needed by the occupants. From this cabinet, the occupants can get a bed, a nightstand, a closet, a home office, a […]

Designed by Simon Woodroffe, this apartment has hidden features that will amaze you. It consist of one multi-functional room, and a bathroom of course, that can be used for almost anything. When you enter this apartment, you will be greeted with only living space in the room. But don’t worry, if you want to sleep […]

Who says that small apartment is not comfortable? This 13 square meters apartment, for example, offers a comfortable dwelling space in a big city that has limited spaces. It was designed by Szymon Hanczar, to create a small apartment that easy to take care but still gives comfort and functionality to the occupants. Despite the […]

This small apartment by MKCA would be great for you who can’t afford a big place. Even tough it has small space, this apartment still have complete features like the bigger one. The key is on the movable wall that hides a fold-down bed. This wall features a TV that can be rotated towards the […]

This is a wonderful apartment for two young students, designed by Ruetemple. This 33 square meters apartment consists of two story where you can explore it like in an adventure. The second floor is full of hammocks where the occupants can do some adventure on it. While the work space is fixed, the relaxation space […]

Small Apartment with Suspended Bedroom

Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec have designed this small apartment in Paris, France. The interesting part of this apartment is the suspended bedroom. More description about this apartment: The transformation of this small apartment has above all been strategic : Decompartmentalize the place so as to fit out an open plan and elude the demand […]

Modern Apartment with Transforming Sculptural Wall

This is a 60 square meters apartment design by Vlad Mishin, an apartment with sculptural wall with transformation ability. This wall consists of several transforming blocks that made of black metal framework and plywood. It has a rotating block with TV-panel that allows the occupants to watch TV from different places such as bedroom, kitchen […]

Modern Apartment with Spooky and Weird Touch

This apartment has been designed by IlmioDesign and located in Madrid, Spain. This apartment has modern design with futuristic light fixtures, combined with weird sculptures and arts like hand sculpture and skull painting. I think it’s perfect for people who love art. When you enter the living room, you will be greeted by a human […]