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Fascinating Faucet that Allows Water Wrap Around its Surface

This is an amazing and interesting faucet design by Ian Mayhew. This faucet use water’s properties of surface tension to make the water wrap around the outside the metal curve and fall in an uniform stream from underneath the slide. “Water molecules are more numerous/closer together along the inside of an arc. These stronger bonds […]

opened Modern Tap with water Flow Weasure

This tap is a 2011 red dot design concept winner, designed by Dennis Kulage & Michael Scherger. This tap has scaled markings on its stem of the handle that allows you to choose how much water you want to use. Now you can choose the exact amount of the water flow. Quantum Tap has modern […]

Beautiful Tray Inspired by Beautiful Earth

This is a beautiful tray designed by Ma Yansong for Alessi. Floating erath is a tray that inspired by earth that many things in a beautiful way. It consist of three level where you can put your stuffs on it. each level supported with beautiful-shaped wood, like a tree that bring a peace and cool […]

Freestanding Sink in Organic Design

This sink is designed by Baldwin Rust. It has super soft and modern shape in organic design, make your bathroom become amazing and beautiful. This washbasin is a part of SQ collection by Botinger & Roi, made using new forms and materials. This is a great washbasin for your modern bathroom.

white Simple and Colorful Pedestal Sink in Cylinder Shape

This is a simple but colorful pedestal sink designed by Wet. This pedestal sink has cylinder shape with charcoal gray color on the outer, made of recyclable polypropylene. The inner basin has several colors to choice from green to purple, bring a colorful effect to your bathroom. This pedestal is greatfor the contemporary bathroom with […]

cow spot pattern of Unique and Fun Bathroom Fixtures Inspired by Cow

This bathroom fixtures are really unique, fun and cute, inspired by cow. It consist of sanitaryware, washbasin and freestanding with three different pattern of black and white on its surface. You can choose the cute cow spot pattern, unique areas drawing that make reference to different cuts of meat or elegant black surface with white […]

Unique Curved Bathroom Sink with Black Mosaic Tile

This is an unique curved bathroom sink designed by Lago and presented in Milano Design Week. The curved sink is designed like the wall’s skin that peel off from the wall, leave a white opened wall on the back. The sink and wall is covered in dominant black mosaic tile, make it looks classic and […]

bambbo ilustration of Modern Water Tap Inspired by Bamboo Plant

This is a modern faucet that inspired by bamboo stem plant that usually grow in Asia. Designed by Mickaël Chrost, this faucet has modern design in chrome color. It also offers a filter that will help you filtering the water before you drink it. Not only as a filter, it can be changed with dietary […]

Smart Idea of Modern Faucet with Water Fountain

This is a smart idea of faucet for your kitchen. This faucet is integrated with a fountain spout where you can drink directly from the faucet, no need glass or cup. Designed by Niels van Hoof, this faucet has modern design that will make your kitchen looks great. Just linking it directly to the cold […]

gold Luxury and Stylish Faucet in Elegant Colors

This is a luxury and stylish faucet that will be great for your contemporary or modern bathroom. Come in several elegant color such as classic black and silver, attracting blue and red or luxury gold color. The top push-down valve is finished in chrome, make it more elegant with its sleek and streamlined form. This […]