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Bring the nature to your kitchen, like you have your own wild mushroom farm on your kitchen table. These kitchen containers were designed by Dragos Motica Studio for UBIKUBI, inspired by the eatable wild mushroom found on Romanian ground. With the porcelain body it looks clean and sturdy, while the cork cap gives the look […]

This is a unique dish dryer designed by Silvia Arroyo Melis. Maybe it looks simple, but it sure looks interesting too. Now you can have beautiful mountains in your kitchen. More description by Silvia Arroyo Melis: Mountain is a modern and functional dish dryer. It is a compact design planes with different spaces to drain […]

Smart Design of Dish Drying Rack with Planters

This is a smart design for your kitchen, a dish drying rack with built in planters. Fluidity designed by Design Libero, showing a simple and modern design in white color. The planters allow you to grow any small plant you want such as some herbs for your cooking. These planters get its water source from […]

Beautiful Tray Inspired by Beautiful Earth

This is a beautiful tray designed by Ma Yansong for Alessi. Floating erath is a tray that inspired by earth that many things in a beautiful way. It consist of three level where you can put your stuffs on it. each level supported with beautiful-shaped wood, like a tree that bring a peace and cool […]

Smart Idea of Modern Faucet with Water Fountain

This is a smart idea of faucet for your kitchen. This faucet is integrated with a fountain spout where you can drink directly from the faucet, no need glass or cup. Designed by Niels van Hoof, this faucet has modern design that will make your kitchen looks great. Just linking it directly to the cold […]

Stylish Fruit and Plant Storage Ideas for Kitchen

This stylish storage especially designed to store fruits and tiny plants with a beautiful organic shape. This kitchen storage ideas designed by Mans Salomonsen, combines the elements of decoration, storage, and cultivation for the kitchen and the kitchen window. It will fit to any fruits and plants while decorating your kitchen. Cocoon can suspended and […]