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Bring the nature to your kitchen, like you have your own wild mushroom farm on your kitchen table. These kitchen containers were designed by Dragos Motica Studio for UBIKUBI, inspired by the eatable wild mushroom found on Romanian ground. With the porcelain body it looks clean and sturdy, while the cork cap gives the look […]

This is a sink by Gore Design Co. that will looks beautiful in your bathroom. The sink has erosion pattern that no two sink have the same pattern. With the white clean color, this sink is an elegant and beautiful piece for your bathroom. More description by Gore Design Co.: The Erosion Sink is a […]

This is a unique dish dryer designed by Silvia Arroyo Melis. Maybe it looks simple, but it sure looks interesting too. Now you can have beautiful mountains in your kitchen. More description by Silvia Arroyo Melis: Mountain is a modern and functional dish dryer. It is a compact design planes with different spaces to drain […]

Designed by Olympia, this unique sink has a feature like a suitcase. It can be folded and packed so you can move it easily. When closed this sink becomes a countertop and when opened the top part becomes a mirror. Maybe you don’t need to move your sink often, but it sure a fun thing […]

This is a wall mounted shower designed by Diego Grandi and Giacomo Nanni from Zucchetti. This overhead shower allows you to adjust it into the position you want. You can bring the head closer to you, tilt it or rotate, these allow you to change the direction of the stream to any direction you want, […]

I think you will love this faucet. Designed by Philippe Starck for Axor – a brand from Hansgrohe, this faucet has a clear glass spout that showing the vortex effect of water coming from it. The effect is stunning, combined with the modern design this faucet is amazing. More description by Hansgrohe: New achievement in […]

This is a beautiful wall sink designed by Ludovico Lombardi for Falper. It has sleek design and coloured in white, makes your bathroom looks modern and elegant. Wing is a wall sink realised in Cristalplant as a continuous dynamic geometries frozen in its transition between the vertical and the horizontal planes. The solidity of the […]

Smart Design of Dish Drying Rack with Planters

This is a smart design for your kitchen, a dish drying rack with built in planters. Fluidity designed by Design Libero, showing a simple and modern design in white color. The planters allow you to grow any small plant you want such as some herbs for your cooking. These planters get its water source from […]

Unique and Modern Faucet Shaped in Bent Pipe

This is a modern but unique faucet designed by Lorenzo Damiani for Ceramica Flaminia, inspired by bent chrome pipes. The unusual bent pipe design makes this faucet looks interesting and unique, a characterizing component of this faucet. Fold faucet is great for your contemporary and modern bathroom, gives a highly unique visual effect.

Super Modern Faucet with Touchscreen Technology

Current day is the era of smart technology, not only for office or working area but also for bathroom. Although there is bathtubs and showers with digital controls, Su Jian Xiong try to bring this element to the next appliance in bathroom – a faucet. Sma Wash is a smart digitalized faucet with touchscreen technology […]