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The Cast is a concrete firebowl designed by Marcyn Ward for a Canadian producer of cast concrete products,Sticks and Stones. It has a beutiful design, colored in red-brown, and will pe perfect for inner garden in the night.

The Tree placed on National Museum of Singapore, designed by FARM. It designed to be a huge old Banyan tree that sits majestically on the museum’s front lawn, create an atmosphere of a place full of histories, stories and magic.

The Sculptural Sound Modules has unconventional shapes which allow dedicated sound composition or a simple music selection to be focused, projected, diverted, constrained or widened in order to re-design the sound experience of a human habitat. It esigned by Architettura Sonora to excite and re-design the acoustic perception of space.

The Calla Lily Bathroom designed by Oriano Favaretto, the architect of Mastella – an Italian bath furniture design company. It is consist of a freestanding bathtub, pedestal sinks, and white faucets and taps, with a form which looks organic and very creative.

The PowerFall is a decorating accessories for pool designed by Zodiac Pooclare, a big company specializing in production of various swimming pool equipment which offers a lot of products to make a swimming pools’ care and decorating more easy.

The Horizon Wood Sculptures designed by a wood sculptor in Victoria, Dave Hogg. The Horizon using re-purposed wood as material, a beautiful sculptures that eco-friendly.

Iris Pendant Lights designed by Alex MacMaster, has elegant curved shape at three sets of angles and distanced to produce a perfectly proportioned pendant feature.

The Bitta Collection designed by an Italian architect, Rodolfo Dordoni for KETTAL. Bitta is an Italian languages means mooring. This collection has a combination of aluminium frames , seats of braided polyester and comfortable cushions, teak and stone for the table tops all completely weatherproof materials.

Designed by Micron Illuminazione, an Italian lighting manufacturer, the Ginger Chandelier shows a luxurious light effect when it switched on. The lights and glasses sparkle in an elegant waterfall creating a perpetual brilliant motion.

The Ocean Sink is a sculptural washbasin designed by Bandini which reminds the wave movement in its shape. It has two different sizes and colours, shiny black and shiny white.