Small apartment sometimes hard to decorate because the limitedness of the space to put a lot of furniture and accessories. But the small place has big potential if it decorated according to a right plan. Here is some tips to decorating small apartments:

1. Choose items which will used on the apartments. The items should be appropriate to the planned design. Any unnecessary items will make the design look worse, generate some extra decorating cash or be put in storage.

2. Create a floor plan of the apartment. The plan will show the available space and can be used for planning the right place for the right furniture.

3. Use wall areas to place modular storage units, built in furniture, shelves, and cabinetry. It will save the floor space.

4. Accesories or wall art should be has a right scale for the wall or table. It also should be substantial. Don’t filled the table or the walls with many accessories. It is better to choose few of them which looks interesting and place it on the right place.

5. To sparate the two or more areas, a folding screen with a sheer fabric or a see-through bookcase can be used. It will separate the areas without blocking light.

6 Use Versatile furniture such as a table which have storage capacity inside to save more space.

7. Search another design from internet, television programs or book to get an inspiration for the plan.

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