Renting an apartment is a cheap way to have a place to live, but also has some limitation such as not allowed to paint the wall. The same room with generic style will make the renters feel bored inside the apartment. It will create a bad atmosphere inside the room and it will affect to the renters too. Here is some ways to decorate an area without painting it:

1. Buy furniture with suitable style and price. Sometimes renters postpone to buy the furniture and ended with milk crates as the table and folding chairs for sit. Buy some furniture such as sofa, accent tables, an armchair, and a dining set and arrange it to follow the architecture of the space and makes it functionally. A shop at garage sales, thrift stores, or retailers supply furnitures with cheap price but has good quality.

2. To give more color and texture on the walls, furniture or even floor, fabric and textiles can be used. Choose the appeals hue or pattern fabric to the renters. Tack up several columns of fabric on the walls to “paint” it. Windows also can be decorated using the fabrics. There are a lot of cheap fabric such as flat sheets, Indian saris, throws, and shower curtains, which can used in anywhere.

3. Try to add some accessories on the the rental space. Use art prints, sculptures, lamps, mirrors, folding screens, or plants to enliven the rental space.

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