The Dangle-Byrd House is a house located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, designed by Koko Architecture + Design. It built to explore the challenge of maintaining the spirit of craftsmanship within a modern domestic landscape. Consist of three interlocking volumes, the house has a simple form on it.

From outside, it looks like two box which connected by a room called as “bird cage” by the designer. The “bird cage” is a living room and kitchen with a great views of vilage and tree outside trough glass walls. On first floor, there is master bedroom, and on second floor is a place for guest bedroom. In the northern end of the house, there is a private balcony looking down to the lap pool set into the woods.

The house showing its “bird cage” structure as the additional exterior of the house. On this structure, the glass living room walls and roof structure is suspended off by 6 strategic supports.

src: Contemporist

Photographs: Nikolas Koenig and Patrick Casey

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