Designed by Elizabeth Zimmerer and Márton Lente, Luminose is a cute table lamp in a shape of a dog. You can change the pose of this cute “dog” to your liking, creating different personality from one lamp to another. The lamp wire wraps around the neck, makes this lamp looks like wearing a leash and ready to go. More description by designers:

The Story
LUMINOSE is the dog lamp with personality. This fine design, wooden table lamp with the touch of handwork was born from our design passion and dog love bringing warmth into your home. LUMINOSE is exclusively looking for the owner who has the sense of design, the love of dogs and has a table for a lamp.

The Design
The LUMINOSE story started in a wood workshop. After thousands of hours of designing and manual prototype, the very first dog lamp was born. LUMINOSE learnt to light in relatively short term, becoming a fully functional wooden table lamp. Being good first-owners we built the environment in which LUMINOSE feels good, driven by our passion for details from design to website code.

The Creation
This is why we pay attention to every detail from design to manufacturing. LUMINOSE – being a very smart dog lamp – is made with the co-operation of changed working abilities with high level of expertise. A LED panel is installed into the wooden components, using 85% less energy than a standard table lamp. By welcoming a LUMINOSE you stand out by helping purchase and eco-friendliness.

The Product
We know choosing a friend staying on your table lifetime long is an incredibly personal thing. Keeping our roles at the minimum in the dog-owner relationship, we want you to be the designer who makes the final decision. LUMINOSE is the dog lamp to be customized in its color and leash, to be really yours. We give chosen components to you, you give life to your LUMINOSE.

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