Located in GuimarĂ£es, Portugal, the house designed by Pitagoras Architects with 3 storey on it. It designed down to earth following the uneven topography that characterizes the land and defeating its accentuated slope. It also designed to establish connections between the building and its surroundings, between its interior and exterior spaces.

The street level located at second floor where the entrance and the garage can be found. Under second floor, there is a private spaces at second floor, and then on the ground level where the house has direct contact with the land, there is homes social spaces.

“All floors are contemplated with covered or uncovered verandas and patios that are closed off or open to the landscape, creating variable possibilities of inhabiting spaces, taking advantage of the light and scenery that change with the different seasons. Thus, the dense white volume acquires, with its large openings and differentiating materials, contrasting hollows.”

src: Contemporist

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