Inside a house, a kitchen has an important role. It used to make a food to provide important energy for the people who live on that house. Unhealthy kitchen will influence to the people’s health on that house. To creating a healthy kitchen, here are several things that should be noted:

1. Lighting
The kitchen should be has enough sunlight. The sunlight is very important to kill bacteria and to drive away cockroachs and rats. The lighting from lamp also important for the kitchen. It should be bright enough, not too strong and not too weak to do the works and to see the color change on the food. The strong or weak lighting will makes eyes tire quickly.

2. Air circulation
The kitchen should be has good air circulation. It should not only on one side of the kitchen, but two side or more to make a cross circulation. The steam and the smoke must immediately streamed outside the kitchen and replaced by fresh air. It will avoid unpleasant smells and poisoning gases from the smoke or gas stove. Exhaust fan can used to release the steam and smoke from kitchen. But the Exhaust fan should be cleaned frequently.

3. Material
choose the material which has a resistant against heat and steam. Ceramic can be used because it strong and easy to clean. Don’t use textured wall or ceramic for the kitchen wall. The texture will be a place for pile of dirt, dust and oil and hard to clean. Use a material which hard to ignite such as wood. It better using stainless steel, granite, or ceramic. For the floor, use a non slippery material because kitchen area is easy exposed by oil and water.

4. Kitchen Equipment
Use the electronic equipment such as refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave as efficient as possible. The electronic equipment using a lot of electricity energy and produce electromagnetic radiation. Don’t use the microwave too often because it can reduce the nutrients on foods.

Keep stove away from window to avoid wind blow to stove’s fire. Use ceramic or porselen rather than plastic for cutlery such as plates, bowls, or cups.

5. Kitchen’s hygiene
Keeps the kitchen clean. Clean it from oil, water and also crumbs after cook to avoid the growth of bacteria. Always dump trash on the kitchen at least once a day.

6. Savety
Don’t save or use a pesticide to kill bug or pest on kitchen area. A pesticide has a neurotoxic characteristic and contains carcinogen.

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