Designed by Christian Sjöström, this unusual furniture system will let you completely in charge of its shape. It consists of round wooden parts with a ball joint construction that was inspired by molecular structures. You can make your own weird furniture, or if you want it you can make a sculpture! More description by Christian Sjöström:

With the intention to put the user in charge, stimulate creativity and decrease throwaway mentality this playful modular system will always find a way to fit into your life.

Inspired by molecular structures and repeated elements a system of three parts linked together like building blocks makes it possible to create a variety of different furniture.

Focus has been on creating a smart function, easy to understand and use, which is provided by the ball joint. Through hiding the technical parts the expression is kept simple.

The round wooden parts combined with a ball joint construction allows flexibility giving the furniture a dynamic expression.

A combination of ash and anodized aluminum gives the purely functional product an unexpected exclusive look.

With link I hope to decrease material abundance through rebuilding, creating new purposes and shape expressions.

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