This is another design by Joeri Claeys, a small lamp with organic design. This lamp remind us the the nature, but in modern and contemporary way. More Description by Joeri Claeys:

Small table/floor lamp or a bigger pendant version.
A versatile and fun lamp with an elegant and organic shape.

The concept design is contemporary with an organic influence. Recalling nature and shapes of a certain reassurance. The inspiration comes from triangular organic forms resulting in an object with a flowing and curving appearance. It also doubles as an enthralling beautiful sculpture. It embodies perfectly smooth contours and shiny surfaces that make it a real eyecatcher.

The flexible designed table/floor lamp can be directed wherever it is needed. It can be a single lamp or (for example) a set of 3. Combined with other lamps they can form a group of ‘Little Friends’.

A bigger pendant version can be perfect for classy restaurants, distinct hotels or modern residences.

Silver/white/black or various trendy colours.
Shiny/gloss finish.

Diameter width: 6.5 to 7.5cm – Length: 11cm.
Big version: 13-22cm

Light source: GU10, GU5.3, LED

Tags: contemporary lamp, lighting design idea, organic lamp design,