This is an original coffee table designed by DEDE called Tabrio. This table has a flexible and stain repellent film it that can be unrolled, allows you to not worry about the stain anymore! More description by DEDE:

Tabrio is a plywood coffee table with benefits! It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a good day’s meal, without having to worry about stained tablecloths. You can unroll the flexible, stain repellent film, from the side compartment of the tabrio, cover the top – the “cabrio” ring to it, is intentional! – and bind it within the opposite side. When you have finished, just sweep the film and store it back into place with a little help from the recovery mechanism. Enjoy!

Tabrio is made in Greece, of birch plywood with birch or other veneer coatings. It is an easy to assemble flat – pack furniture. Self – assembly helps to reduce volume and thus carbon dioxide’s emissions, during transportation.

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