This is a simple coffee table designed by Tabanda with base inspired by moose antlers. It designed to use as little material as possible. More Description by Tabanda:

“Coffee? Coffee? Tea? So, that”s two coffees and one tea.” – if this does not sound familiar, you have never been at your aunt”s birthday. At the family reunions you always hear the same stories over and over again – that is why the MOOSE coffee table is based on four identical, repetitive parts. We designed them to use as little material as possible and joined them together in a jigsaw puzzle manner. Although mooses rarely pop around their aunt”s for coffee or tea, the supports for our table closely resemble their antlers – so we did not have to look far for the name.
During Łódź Design Festival 2012 MOOSE had got everyone so charmed that he had won the Must Have prize for a well designed object on the Polish market.

Birch plywood with oak veneer, numerically cut, hand finished and oiled; 10mm tempered glass; modular elements of the stand are joined by four bolts; simple self-assembly; available in two sizes.

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