The color of house is important to makes the house looks great. It is not only choosing a great looking color, but also choose a right color and paint to maintenance. Here is some facts about the paint chose for a house painting project.

An intense or dark color is faster to fade. It will seem more subdued after several years. Not only that, dark colors absorb heat and suffer more moisture problems than lighter color and will pose more maintenance problems. But dark color won’t show dust and stains, and can give the house a sense of dignity or drama.

The sheen of the paint is another problem to chose. The sheen is ranging from glossy to flat. Glossier the surface, the more likely it is to show imperfections, brush strokes and touch up marks. But glossy surfaces are easier to clean.

Choose a darker color paint than the one chose in a store and test it in one area before buying gallons of paint. This is because the swatches can be look very different when they are brought out of the store and viewed in natural sunlight. Not only that, the colors will appear lighter on large surfaces than they do on small samples.

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