Designed by Serge Chermayeff in 1935, the Chermayeff House is located at near Halland, Sussex, England. The construction finished in 1938, using timber frame and brick as the construction. Used as Chermayeff’s house, it has Cuboid massing form expressed frame grid. The front filled with glass frame to the beautifully composed garden.

“This country house of wood, unusual in England, is by Serge Chermayeff. The beautifully composed garden front…is an open framework filled with glass, while the other sides are faced with cedar boarding. All the principal rooms are ranged along the garden side, the bedrooms on the upper floor being set back to form a continuous balcony. The garden terrace runs at right angles to the house, sheltered from the wind and the entrance drive by a brick wall, and terminates in a trellis-work screen that echoes the design of the garden facade.” – by J.M. Richards and Elizabeth B. Mock inĀ  An Introduction to Modern Architecture

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