When the kitchen looks dirty and not comfortable to cooking, renovate it will be the best way to choose. There is no need to change the material or even the furniture, just change a part that really needs to improved.

here some tips to do it:

  1. If there is curtain in the kitchen, try to replace it using another curtain which has big different color and style than before. Doing this will give fresh view on the kitchen.
  2. Re-paint the cabinet which starting to peel or looks dirty. Give the ornament picture like flowers or line.
  3. Try to change the pait color of the kitchen wall. Combine it with multiple color without make it looks too crowded.
  4. Replace some accessoris on top of the cabinet. Choose the accessories which has cheerful colors and also match to the theme of the kitchen.
  5. Additionally, try to put on some children works. Try to put it on the wall with beautiful frame instead of just put it on refrigerator.

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